Teen / YA

What is considered a Young Adult Novel?

Y.A.L.S.A – Young Adult Library Service Association 

Some individuals and organizations judge each YA book differently, but here are some of the overall key points that make a YA different from children’s and adult novels.

Here is the 411 

  1. Stories focusedfor readers 12-18 years of age. Usually in High School. 

    2. Language and dialogue geared towards teens.

    3. Contemporary Themes: Situation that teens may experience
     – Friends
             – Bulling
    – Love / Crush
    – Heart-break
    – Family Struggles
    – Abuse
    – Depression
    – Divorce
    – Drug / Alcohol
    – Sex
    – Coming-of-Age (Identity)
    – Hobbies (Sports, Drama, School Work, Music) 

    4. Science Fiction & Fantasy Themes 
         – Paranormal
    Example: Twilight, Shiver, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, Goddess Test
          – Dystopian / Utopian 
    Example: Hunger Games, Divergent, The Test, Matched, The Selection


Example of popular YA authors (and some of my favorite Indie YA Authors)

Victoria Aveyard

Kiera Cass

Jenn Cooksey

Ali Dean

Sarah Dessen

Julie Kagawa

Anna Katmore

Miranda Kenneally

Quinn Loftis

Sarah J. Maas

Richelle Mead

Veronica Roth