New Adult and Adult

FYI Romance Genre

Why are there so many different types of ​Romance Novels?

There are two types of themes I believe all books boil down too. Power or Love. Those two words can incorporate so much into them. Romance books main theme is Love; but, there is usually a power struggle within the story line. The main character may be having an internal or external power struggle.  You can notice it within each book. All the following sub-genre are love and power based, but with different struggles. ​

Historical Romance: Many time the female character is seeking love, but having a power struggle, e.g. society’s restrictions on women, a certain man, her family, herself, etc. These conflicts allow us, as the reader, to gain more depth of our protagonist. Adult novels have Love vs. Power in many of their story lines.

Sub-genre with in Adult Romance
Contemporary romance
Historical romance
Romantic suspense
Paranormal romance
Science Fiction romance
Fantasy romance
Time-travel romances
Inspirational romance / A.K.A. Christian Lit
Multicultural romance
Erotic romance
Urban fiction (Some)

Nora Roberts, Danille Steel, Lisa Kleypas, and Danielle Bourdon all write for women. Most of their books are about women that are settled or are trying to settle. They may have jobs, kids, divorce, being on their own.

In the last few years a new genre has evolved from Adult Romance it is NEW ADULT ROMANCE: 

What is Considered a New Adult Novel?

 Many NA books have an increase of sexual situations and language.They are more likely to have multiple F* bombs dropped and a little more explicit with the sex scenes.
They are leaving High School, entering College and or the Work Force.  New Adult takes teenage issues to the next level. They are still learning and become accustomed to being an adult.

Different Themes NA may have.
They could have one or multiple of any of the following:
– College Campus
– First Love
– Engagements / Marriages
– Identity
– Sex, first time / multiple partners
– Sports
– Offices work environment / Internships
– Professional Sports Teams
– Living on ones own / Moving Away
– Financial Independence
– Military
– Drugs / Alcohol / smoking
– Balance of personal and social life
– Family strain, New Family


What about a mix? 

Some New Adult genre books get mixed up with Erotica. 
For example:​ Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James falls into a few of the above topics – College, moving, entering work force, first love, first time, ages 18-30. 
Though it does fall under many of the typical themes, it not categorize as a New Adult novel. The themes and sexual situations make the book Adult Erotica. 

TO be honest I believe many of Nicholas Spark’s books are on the boarder of NA and Adult. His books have young characters that are starting out life, in college or new jobs and finding their first love. In the same book he will have an older established couple or characters that are middle aged rekindling. Overall, because of the themes in the novel and the content, they receive an adult romance genre title. 


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