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Midnight Rain (Lake Shore University #2) by Kathleen Maree’

“It’s as easy as following your heart”, they say. “Just listen to it, and let it guide you.”

It’s so simple isn’t it?

Even if half belongs to one best friend, and the other half literally beats for the other…

It doesn’t matter how much time passes or how angry I am at the world, because I know without a doubt that I needed both of them.

More than I needed to breathe.

Received and ARC from author in exchange for an honest review.

 Apologizing now. Thought I posted it earlier, but totally had a brain fart.

You know those authors that keep you up all night. Were your eyes are straining to read each and every word cause you don’t want to fall asleep and miss what happens. That book that causes heart pounding anxiousness, waiting to find out what the main character may or may not do next. The emptiness you feel when you read the last page and you are unsure what to now do with yourself. The joy at knowing there is another book in the series, but annoyed at the same times you must wait for it. AGGGGG here it is. Kathleen Maree’ is one of those authors for me. Her books I devour. She is still new to the indie author scene, and not many people know about her, but oh my goodness you really should. Her books are everything you could want and more. I just finished her latest book, Midnight Rain. It is book 2 in her Lake Shore series.

When it ended I was like, “Why?” Why did it have to end? I could have continued to hibernate myself in this story and not come out till the end of summer. The characters are all amazing. The depth, struggles, despair, they go through is not only real, but hits close to home.

We have all been hopelessly in love. Or completely infatuated with someone. How do we know if it is the first or the latter? What is the moment you realize you are in love or just completely infatuated? Bree, our main character, comes to that realization in this book, and I LOVE the growth she goes through to get there.

First off, you have to read book 1. This is a nonnegotiable. Trust, it is an amazing read that you will not be able to put done. If you are unsure, then click here to check out my review of book 1.

Book two! Midnight Rain. Oh, I love. Not going to lie, I have been rereading my favorite parts again and again. I am so happy about some of the choices that Bree makes. She is a girl with a troubled past and the only way she has been able to continue on is with her two best friends: Ethan and Jase. And, let me just say for the record, these are two yummy male best friends.

In the story we have betrayal, fear, guilt, jealousy, deception, lies, romance, bravery, and love.

We see and feel these emotions from not only our main character, but those that she interacts with.

Some things I wish we could have in the book. One major point is having some POV chapters from our two supporting male characters. I think having their personal thoughts shared with us, as the reader, would be OH SO interesting! I would love it. Or maybe Kathleen just needs to write a book from Eth and Jase’s POV’s! I would be all over that.

Another thing I hope Kathleen will do is write about Bree’s friend Missy. Finding out her story, situation, and reason for certain behavior would be awesome. Her boy drama is just to much for us to speculate on. I would love to hard concrete information about Missy’s relationships.

Overall, I can’t go into a great amount of detail about the book because it will ruin your experience. All I can say is you will LOVE this book. It isn’t graphic or dirty. It is honest and well written. So if you haven’t already GO READ IT! Or at least go read book 1!!!

5 Hearts


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Kathleen grew up in the south-western suburbs of Sydney, where family holidays by the beach and tormenting her two younger brothers, was how she spent her early years. But at the young age of 11, when she submitted a short story to a talented writing competition through the NSW schools program, not only did she win it, but she quickly found a love for it as well.

Throughout her schooling, writing was a hobby, along with sketching and various sports. But fast forward to her adult years when she moved to Europe to follow her husbands field hockey dream, and her love for writing surged to the surface.
Her debut story, Cut, was penned over two years where her hobby seemed to lead to the completion of Pennys’ world. The rest of the series came the following year.

Kathleen enjoys writing stories full of self-discovery, emotional journeys and of course, love.
Something else she loves is hearing from her readers, so feel free to follow her blog or drop her an email.

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