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Beautiful Temptation by Olivia Adams

Beautiful Temptation
Author: Olivia Adams
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Moderate

They say forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. But that’s something Adam Rockwell doesn’t intend to find out.

Adam Rockwell, or Rocky as he’s known to most, is renowned for his love ʼem and leave ʼem approach to women. He’s the archetypal player with the good looks and cock-sure personality to pull it off. As the talent scout for Harper Records, his life is one long round of gigs, nightclubs and parties. At twenty-eight, he has it all—a great job, flash car, swanky penthouse overlooking the Thames, and a seemingly endless supply of women willing to warm his bed. Life couldn’t be better.

Until Eve Harper walks back into it.

At first, he doesn’t recognise her. Why would he? The last time Adam saw Eve, she was just a kid. All he sees now is a beautiful woman. A woman he wants.

But Eve Harper is one woman Adam cannot even contemplate adding to his list of conquests.

However, staying away from her proves more difficult than he imagined. And the more time he spends in her company, the weaker his resolve to do the right thing. So, when he discovers that Eve is just as affected by him, as he is by her, will he still have the strength to resist? Or will she prove to be too much of a beautiful temptation?

Beautiful Temptation is part one of a two part series and ends with a cliffhanger. It is an adult contemporary romance and is not intended for younger readers due to mature content.

Was given an ARC from New Adult Book Club on behalf of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Somethings in our lives we can admire from a far and appreciate the beauty is has. Other times we become drawn to the beauty to the point it consumes us with need. These two have come to desire one another for the comforter and stability the other gives; however, they also have barriers around them to protect their hearts from past pain.

Their obsession with one another is mild at best. The jokes and sarcasm and flirting that Adam does to distract from the real underlining issue is consistent within the text. There were a few times he puts his wall down and opens up about things, but not enough. I hope his wall comes down more in book 2.

Adam has know Eve her entire life. She is the daughter of Dan, one of his good friends. He grew up next door to their family and has been consider an adopted son. He works for the families music agency business. He travels all over seeking new talent and sleep with a new woman ever night. He knows he is well off, good looking, and one hell of a lover. However, as everyone around him is slowing down and tying-the-knot he doesn’t allow anyone to get too close emotionally. He keeps his walls up and makes sure his conquest know what they are getting into. Their has only been one person on the planet that was been able to get under his skin and that is Eve.

Eve is just about the graduate high school in California, but when he grandfather passes away she flies out to the UK for the funeral. Seeing Adam, for the first time in a few years, her long time girly crush, she is just as struck with her attachment and chemical pull to him as ever. After graduation her dad and grandmother get her a job working at the music agency. She will do a few months in every department shadowing the supervisor to learn the trade. First up is Adam’s department. So now these two are working with each other and constantly tip-toeing around their attraction for one other.  Will these two allow their physical and emotional chemistry to over power the knowledge of the possible consequences that could arise if they go to far?

I really enjoyed this book. There are some small edits here and there. The consistency of American and British dialect between Eve and Adam was accurate majority of the time. She grew up more in the states then in Britain, so I was grateful the author kept it authentic.

A Question: I am confused on the age difference between Dan and Adam. I mean they grew up with one another and Dan is 28; however, we never know how old Dan is and when exactly he had Eve. He has an 18 year old which would make him around late 30’s and that is IF he had her around then. So… can we get a more accurate description of Dan’s history?

Eve’s situation that occurred back in the states incapacitates her ability to become intimate with men.  She struggles when she has the littles touch from men. We don’t find out what exactly happened till about over half way through. Her back story plays a huge part in her trusting Adam.

I recommend this story. However, be worn of the cliff hanger!

Agggggggg… It was not cool, but now I am invested for another book.

Bravo to you Ms. Olivia Adams. You knew what you were doing. 

4 hearts.

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Olivia Adams has always had a passion for reading and writing but a full-time teaching career and three children of her own meant she rarely had time for either. So the moment the opportunity to write something beyond the realms of lesson plans and school reports came her way, she set about making her novel-writing dream a reality. And after much procrastination, and many a skinny latte, she published her first novel, Beautiful Temptation.

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