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Falling for Forever by Melissa Chambers

Falling for Forever (Before Forever #2)

by Melissa Chambers

Publication Date:  July 3, 2017

Publisher:  Entangled Teen

The second Jenna Quigley turns eighteen, she’s headed to L.A. to extend the timer on her fifteen minutes of fame. Too bad her dad made her promise to graduate high school first. Silver lining? Her new school has a serious talent competition with a $25,000 cash prize, which would go a long way in L.A. Jenna’s got plenty of talent—she didn’t almost win America’s Newest Sensation for nothing. But it’ll take everything she’s got to bring down the music nerd with a stick up his butt…no matter how cute he is in those glasses.

Miles Cleveland needs to win that talent contest. When some hot girl stole his audition spot on America’s Newest Sensation, his chance to study music flounced off to New York with her. Now, not only can he win enough money to pay for his education, he can get revenge on that very same girl. He can’t start to question his plan, though…no matter how deep Jenna buries into his heart.

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Received a Copy from Netgalley and Chapter by Chapter Book Tours on behalf of Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

If you read The Summer Before Forever you were introduced to Jenna Quigley. I wasn’t her biggest fan in book 1. I thought she was at times annoying and over the top. I guess that is what can happen when you were on national televised talent competition and made it to the top 10. However, this book we were able to dig in deeper into Jenna’s personal struggles with her family. The dynamic between her relationships with both parents individually.

The beginning of the book, Jenna has a few days till she turns 18 and then she is out the door on her way to LA to make her dreams come true. There is one thing that may derail her plans. The promise she made with her dad. The deal was if she was able to get into the prestigious magnet school for the arts in Nashville then she would have to stay and finish her senior year of high school. Well her dad was down to the wire, but got Jenna in last minute. So as Jenna now has to wait almost a year to get out to California, she tries to make the best of things in her new situation. She didn’t expect that attending a Performing Arts school would be that much of a problem for her, little does she know.

Miles loves his music. He is a composer, an artist, a technical master mind. He knows how to show case his talents and is planning on keeping it close to his chest till the right time. That right time would have been on TV, if he wasn’t stabbed in the back, by the Ms. Jenna Quigley. She took his number at the audition which left him high and dry. Now Jenna is at his school and pay back can taste sweet. That is until they are paired up as music class partners. Now he has to play nice to be able to keep his A in the class. He needs his scholarship for college, if he wants to continue pursuing his dreams. Otherwise he may be at the mercy of his dad’s choice of school. The senior talent showcase in December is the key to the entire plan. He has to win the $50,000 that he can use for school. Staying focus is the goal, but when emotions and hormones between Jenna and him start to bloom it becomes more unclear what his overall end game is.

I enjoyed the story of Miles and Jenna. The popular oh so confident girl and the nerdy music guy. They were sweet and endearing. I enjoyed book 1 of the duo more, but this was a nice differences.

Jenna has so many issues with her mom that are underlining in the story. Her mother pretty much sucks, from Jenna’s POV.  Near the end the end of the book, the conversation that occurs with her mother just honest to goodness sucks. I felt really bad for Jenna.


Miles kept strong even with all his boy hormones. He was a very likeable character. He had his own issues with his father and mother, but not as dramatic as Jenna’s.

I give the overall book 4 hearts.

Author Questions: I would like to know, what college Miles end up going too? Did Jenna move to LA or stay in Nashville? What happened with Jenna and her Dad’s relationship?

The epilogue was not satisfying enough. I wish there was a little bit more so we can have an overall ending to the couple.

I also would like more story about Landon and Chloe from book 1. What happened during college? Does Chloe stay in TN or follow him to GA? Is there problems with their long distant relationship?

So many questions left up in the air.

If you didn’t read book one that is okay.

You can read book 2 as a standalone.

If you want to know more about book one Click Here to see my recent review on it.

Good read. Cute. Enjoy

Parental information: Active drinking of supporting characters. Discussion of sex and oral. Parental conflicts and neglect.

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Melissa Chambers writes contemporary novels for young, new, and actual adults. A Nashville native, she spends her days working in the music industry and her nights tapping away at her keyboard. While she’s slightly obsessed with alt rock, she leaves the guitar playing to her husband and kid. She never misses a chance to play a tennis match, listen to an audiobook, or eat a bowl of ice cream. (Rocky road, please!) She serves as the president elect for the Music City Romance Writers and is the author of The Summer Before Forever and Falling for Forever (Entangled Teen).

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads


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2 thoughts on “Falling for Forever by Melissa Chambers

  1. I love your questions! And they are good ones. I left the ending open on purpose, so the reader could decide what happened. Part of me wants Jenna’s dad to go to L.A. with her and be her manager. He’s got the music biz experience. The other part wants Jenna to pave the path on her own. I like the idea of Miles going to school in L.A. so they can be close. But then I sort of want him in NY so he can forge his own path, but for the two of them to stay in touch whether it’s as a couple or as friends. I think they are the rare couple who could work either way! In my author dreamworld, if they are meant to be for the long haul, it will happen no matter their proximity.

    I will say that this book originally had a different ending (was fairly different all the way through). The songwriting played a much bigger role, and at the end, Kelly, Miles’s godmother, helped open an opportunity for them to be signed as a songwriting team to a Nashville label. So maybe that could happen in some version of their story!

    Now, I’d love to hear what YOU see as their ultimate ending!

    1. I imagined that we would see more of Jenna and Miles senior year, but they end up going to separate places. One in NY and one to LA. I think they would try the long distant thing, but because of commitments, they mutually fall away. They keep a friendship when they do see each other. I see years down the line them running into one another at events and rekindle a romance. I just see them both working on themselves their careers. Their passions out weighting their romantic lives.

      Now I see a different story line for Chloe and Landon. What do you think about them? Have you thought about doing an New Adult book about them. Her in Nashville and him in GA? Being pulled in different directions by people. Artsy people vs athletic? Their time and attention unable to be divided equally. They get jealous? Have attachments to others. Like maybe Landon gets hurt and his physical therapist him gain a relationship where Chloe gets paranoid. Chloe starts hanging out with some guys from Nashville that are part of a band. Don’t know but I feel like their story has so much more for it.

      What do you think of that?

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