5 Hearts · New Adult Contemporary

The Royal Treatment by MJ Summers

Enough laughs to satisfy fans of Bridget Jones.

Enough sparkly shoes and breathtaking ball gowns for fans of Cinderella…

Twenty-eight-year-old Tessa Sharpe, a.k.a. The Royal Watchdog, hates everything about Prince Arthur. As far as she’s concerned, he’s an arrogant, lazy leech on the kingdom of Avonia. When he shocks the nation by giving her the keys to the castle in an attempt to boost his family’s dismal public approval ratings, Tessa has no choice but to accept and move in for two months. It’s lust at first sight, but there’s no way she can give in to her feelings—not if she wants to have a career or a shred of pride left when her time at the palace ends.

Ultra-private, ultra-hot Crown Prince Arthur has always gotten by on his charm. But that won’t be enough now that the Royal Family is about to be ousted from power once and for all. When Prince Arthur has to rely on the one woman in the kingdom who hates him most, he must learn that earning the love of a nation means first risking his heart…

Can two natural enemies find their forever in each other’s arms, or will they ruin each other to save themselves?

PLEASE NOTE: The Crown Jewels Series is not a typical MJ Summers book. It’s a light romantic comedy, very heavy on the laughs with a low steam level (but lots of delicious sexual tension and some swearing).

Received an ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Have you watched or read any of the Bridget Jones stories? Okay I have and I love them. So funny I want to pee in my pants and I wipe the tears from my eyes. That is this book. I enjoyed it and hated having to put it down because I was so tired. Tessa is the epitome of every girl that just has the worst of luck. She is the youngest of 5, and is the only girl. She gets picked on and is clumsy to death. The poor thing just can’t ever get a break. Tessa got fired from her job as a reporter/journalist because she was shagging the boss, who ends up getting engaged to someone else (sound familiar). She needed to find a way to make money. She went to blogging, and decided the meaner, ruder, and more hurtful with her words she was towards the royal family the more followers she had. Tessa became known as the Royal Watchdog. She was known as being the harshest critic on the royal family.

Prince Arthur needed a plan. One that would help save the monarchy from becoming extinct. With a possible rumor of a referendum being drawn and the low approval rating from the citizens, he made a quick decisive choice (while drunk, not always a good sign) to allow the harshest critic of the royal family to live at the palace and get full access to how the royals truly live. So comes Tessa Sharpe, the Royal Watchdog.

These two meet and walls of defense were built high for both of them. They were using each other to get something, and in the end they end up realizing that neither of those things were as important.


This book was Hysterical!!!!!!! I mean seriously it needs to be a movie. I would die from laughter after watching some of the scenes. Being zapped from an electric current to keep ones running pace elevated just seems to horrible and funny to miss.

There is a small Cinderella kind of moment when Tessa’s heel breaks and Arthur goes to retrieve her another pair of shoes. It was endearing. Other than that, there is not stepmothers or step sisters. Just horrible-older-obnoxious-brothers and a mother that loves to meddle.

I strongly encourage this book. Totally worth the read!!!!!

The author says that she will have a part two of Arthur and Tessa’s story. I would love to have a story about Arthur’s sister.

One of my favorite characters besides the Prince’s pet pig Dex (Yes he doesn’t have a dog or cat, the guy has a PET PIG) was his grandmother, Princess Dowager Florence. Arthur’s grandmother is a hoot. They literal say that the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey was based off her. HA! You know then that this women is super awesome.

So if you are still making your “to read” summer reading list, OR you already did – you NEED to, nay you MUST add The Royal Treatment on it!

You will love, love, love it!

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