4.5 Hearts · New Adult Contemporary

Going Crazy for You by Allison Gatta

In love with the nanny…
Wade Farrow hates everything about small towns–how everyone seems to know each other, how community is next to godliness, how even the smallest detail can spread around town like wildfire. So, when he was 18, he packed up his things and left Sapphire Falls never to return–until now. After his sister’s sudden death, he’s forced to head home to care for his only remaining relative: his seven-year-old nephew. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Wade walks in to discover that he’s not alone in caring for his nephew–his sister’s estate has been keeping a live-in nanny, and she’s got a whole set of rules all her own…


From bachelor to parent we meet Wade, who is helping to take care of his 7 year old nephew. Wade’s sister died and left the child with no true adult figure. The father is estranged from the child, and has hired a live-in-nanny to take care of Sam. Wade’s plan was to pick up his nephew and move back to the city, but that plan derails once he meets Violet.

Violet grew up in the small town in Nebraska all her life. She loves living there with the quirky things the town does. She remembers Wade from middle school. He was actually her first kiss, but darn if Wade even remembers that. The two are stuck in a situation where they want to do what is best for Sam, but are not sure how to do it together. Sam needs stability and an adult that stays constant. Violet is determined to be that constant for Sam, regardless of Wade’s plans for him.


Violet and Wade have a rough time at the beginning, but once they both get over their pride and hurt feelings they learn that they both want to do what is best for Sam.

The story was super cute and short. Read through it pretty fast. Sam is such a cute kid. You can just tell how sweet, smart, and endearing of a little boy his is. Wade and Violets chemistry is subtle, but there. Once they allow their protective walls to come down, the attachment comes naturally.

The story is told from alternating POV’s of Wade and Violet. Give it a 4.5 rating. Cute, sweet, and romantic. I hope you are making your summer reading list soon, and add this one to the pile.

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