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Swinging At Love by Kendra C. Highley

Suttonville Sentinels Series #2

Outfielder Tristan Murrell has a problem. As the number two slugger for the Suttonville Sentinels, his team is counting on him to make their very first run at the state championship. But he has a secret—his swing has totally deserted him. As in, he can’t hit anything. He needs to fix the issue, and fast, but how?

Ballerina Alyssa Kaplan has a problem, too. The shiny new sports complex in town has left her family’s batting cage business on the verge of going under. Nailing her audition for a prestigious dance company is everything, but there’s no way she’s letting her some shiny big-box company destroy her family’s livelihood.

Tristan needs a miracle. So does Alyssa. And maybe, just maybe, Tristan’s secret weapon might be the girl of his dreams…

Disclaimer: This book contains hot, shirtless baseball players, kisses that bring a ballerina to her knees, and a lot of baseball smack-talk.


Received a Advance Readers Copy from Netgalley for Honest Review. 

When I first read the title of this book I thought of the movie Signs, when Mel Gibson’s character says, “swing away Merrill.” The book has nothing to do with that movie. It has nothing to do with aliens, but it has everything to do with baseball.

Tristian is a junior on his varsity high school’s baseball team. His parents are good people who work a lot, but don’t understand sports at all. Oh and his mom cannot cook either, which is a funny side point. Tristian’s is in a rut, or in baseball terms a slump. He is stressed and not sure what to do about it. It is affecting his game in every way. He can’t hit anything when he is up to bat, which isn’t good for a team that is about to go to the playoffs. He decided to go get some practice in, were no one will find him. He didn’t think that going to the old run down batting cages would not only change his slump but his heart too.

Alyssa is an only child and the apple of her parent’s eye. She works after school and on weekends at her dad’s batting cages in town. They are not the fancy state of the art equipment, they are barley holding on to the businesses. What makes it hard is that Allyssa tries to help as much as possible. She loves the cages. She used to play softball, but gave it up to pursue her love and passion of dance. She knows she is not your typical looking ballerina with her larger breast and curly unruly hair, but she can’t give up something she loves.

While at work one day she sees a new face at the cages. Someone she isn’t familiar with. Come to find out he goes to her school. She gives him tips on his swing. Their next interaction leads to a kiss, and a realization that their connection is more than baseball and physical attraction. It is an internal understanding of one another.

There are a few problems that arise. The main one is keeping their relationship on the down low to not cause hurt feelings and contention with their friends. Allyssa is still worried about her dad’s batting cages and Tristian with his hitting slump, but through the story they find strengthen with each other to overcome their own fears and mental struggles. While Alyssa physical presents helps Tristian, and Tristian comes up with a plan to help Alyssa’s family.

The story is sweet and has some funny moments.

If you are looking for a fun YA, this is one you can pick.

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Parental advisory: Moderate to mild swearing. Teasing and crude boy humor. Fighting



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