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Royal Afair by Marquita Valentine


A sheltered princess goes wild—and makes the best mistake of her life—when she falls for a roguish reporter in this fun, sexy romance from the bestselling author of Royal Scandal.

Online muckraker Brooks Walker has a reputation for exposing the political elite. Now he’s set his sights on the Sinclair siblings, who’ve been embroiled in their fair share of drama ever since their exile to North Carolina. But Brooks has never been afraid to get his hands dirty—until he meets a royal wallflower at a charity ball who makes him reconsider everything. Is Brooks feeling guilty because he knows all the sordid details of her family’s history? Or because he’s putting their relationship first, before his journalistic integrity?

As the “spare” twin, Princess Charlotte has always been the responsible one. So when her sister finally agrees to fulfill her duty as queen, Charlotte gives herself permission to break a few rules by flirting with the very off-limits CEO of Walker Media. Brooks is the worst sort of man to start an affair with, but Charlotte just can’t help it. The trouble is, since she’s no good at playing games, soon she’s tiara over heels in love. And when Brooks comes clean, Charlotte must decide whether his confession is worth a royal pardon.


Received a copy from Netgalley on behalf of Random House Publishing – Loveswept, in exchange for an honest review. 

I have been looking forward to this book for some time now. After reading Royal Scandal, and getting a little blurb about this book, I opened it up as soon as I saw the book in my Kindle Library App. This story is different in the since we still get one of the Sinclair sibling’s love story after spending the last decade in exile following the death/murder of their parents.  Book 1 followed the eldest brother Colin. Now book 2 follows one of his twin sisters, Princess Charlotte.

Charlotte is the quieter and more romantic one between her and her twin sister Imogen. We come to learn that Charlotte (also goes by Char in much of the book) dreams for life outside of a royal family. She secretly has a blog, Instagram account (just to follow people) and other social media accounts. All of which are No Nos. She feels trapped. Trapped in her ivory tower unable to reach the world below her. She seeks for ways to escape. One blog, writer, report and Instagram person she follows is Brook Walker. He is about 7 years older than her and the one person she shouldn’t have desires for. Brook is the whole reason her family got shoved out of their secluded hiding. She meets Brook’s at a royal ball and ends up leaving with him. She offers him a relationship of convenience. An Affair.  The deal is that they remain exclusive and he can’t relay any information that she may indulge him while in the throes of passion.

The plan seems to make complete since. They are both consenting adults and they are physically attracted to one another. What neither of them accounted for was to fall in love.

Brook figured that his obsession with Princess Charlotte for the last few years can now be handled, by their little affair. He can get information out of her the more she begins to trust him. He is first and for most a journalist and the truth must be told. The more he gets to know Charlotte and spend “quality” time with her in the bedroom, the more he is unable to divulge any information she has accidentally told him. He becomes protective of her, and doesn’t want anyone to write about his Princess that he wants to rescue from her tower. When he realizes that he is deeply in love with her, he is then presented with a predicament. He is given information that can make his career bigger then what it is. He could win awards and be able to secure anything he would want or need. This information that is about Charlotte and her sister, leaves Brooks with an internal conflict with his conscious and heart.

Brook and Charlotte are polar opposites. He thrives on adrenaline and crowds, Charlotte dislikes the attention and shies away from it. Her decision to have the affair with Brooks is the most reckless thing she has ever done; but, her heart cannot be swayed. From romantic escapes to his private home on a secluded island off the North Carolina coast – to enjoyable easy free moments with Brook’s family. She knows and verbally tells Brook her love for him. But that doesn’t change the fact that she is the spare to her sister’s throne. Char just wants to be free, and her villain or knight in shining armor (however you want to look at him at that current moment) is the exact person that can help push her in the direction she needs the most.

There is a great deal of sex in this book. Considering it is called A Royal AFFAIR, and that book one didn’t have as much. I wanted more meat between the two, and less tossing in the sheets. I know I sound crazy. I just felt like there was more we could have learned about each of the characters that was not divulge within the story. However, I still enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the book 3 and 4 in the series.

So YES read the series. It is just what ever princess girl wants.

Her knight in shining armor with a dark side.


If you enjoyed:  Paper Princess,  OR Royally Screwed

this is a book for you.

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