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Zoey’s Post-It Notes by Zoey Steiner and Jeff Steiner

“Zoey’s Post-It Notes is a story about something that happened to me that I would like to share with you.” Zoey Steiner, 5th grader at Pleasant Gap Elementary.

Knowing how insightful Zoey is, I thought that it was a wonderful opportunity to give her a voice and write a book about her experiences, which are not uncommon for elementary students.
It is our hope that Zoey’s Post-It Notes can let other kids know they are not alone. That it can help then find the courage to talk to their parents or other adults about what is going on. And, that it can lend them the inspiration to build from their positive self to grow from it.
We also worked with a friend who is an awesome third grade teacher to include activities based from reading Zoey’s Post-It Notes that she now uses in her class.
This is a really heartfelt story that any elementary aged student will enjoy, adults will find inspiration from and that teachers or anyone else who works with elementary aged students can use to engender affirmative interactions among elementary aged youth.

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Reviewed by Syd Jack

Received ARC from author for honest review.

Zoey’s Post-It Notes is a true account of a fifth-grader named Zoey as she struggles with bullying and low self-esteem. Then she has a brilliant idea-to write uplifting phrases on Post-It notes and stick them on free wall space in her bedroom. The book gives an introduction to Zoey and context, then explains what events are behind a few different Post-Its and gives Zoey’s opinion of what each one means.

One thing I really enjoyed about this book is its casual tone. Zoey seems to be speaking directly to the reader (or readers). I think this book would really help and connect with kids who have been or are being bullied.

Zoey’s messages on the Post-Its are inspiring affirmations like “Never Look Down”, “Be A Good Leader to Others”, and “You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are”.

Included in the back of the book are some activities related to the book for 2nd– 6th graders. If you are a teacher, these are great supplements! I would recommend this book for ages 7-12, but the ideal age is probably 8-10. I think that adults, teens, and younger children would benefit from it as well. Parents could read it aloud to their kids too. It’s too short for an entire book club (only 35 pages with activities included), but it would still be a good idea to have a discussion about it with your class/kids. Here are some questions I would recommend bringing up: Why do you think there’s an introduction to Zoey at the beginning? Do you think that the friendly, casual style of the book makes it more engaging? Why or why not? Can you share any ideas you may have had that might help you or other people to be happier?  Do you think they would work?

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Just a few days ago, I had the idea for a book filled with letters addressing problems that kids deal with and offering positive encouragement.

I think that idea was partially inspired by Zoey’s Post-It Notes!

This moving memoir is an animated and inspirational read for all ages!

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Parental Advisory: Some bullying

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