3.5 Hearts · YA Contemporary

The Practice Boyfriend by Christina Benjamin


Practice makes perfect…or so she thought.

Nobody likes Cody Matthews, including Cody Matthews. And why should they? He got his high school girlfriend pregnant and then almost killed them both while driving drunk. That’s why he’s perfect for Hannah. She’d never fall for someone like him.

Hannah Stark is a high school senior with a resume of straight A’s. She’s never stepped a toe out of line. But that’s also why she’s never had a boyfriend. While all her classmates are counting down the days until graduation, Hannah is dragging her feet. She can’t believe she’ll be leaving her adolescence behind without ever taking a chance to be wild and free. That’s why she’s set her sights on Harrison.

Harrison Cohl is everything Hannah wants to be. Gorgeous, wealthy, popular and wild. He’s also notorious for the legendary masquerade ball he throws every year. And this year Hannah is determined to be invited. And have Harrison as her date.

Her plan is crazy. But she’s convinced she just needs a little practice to make her high school résumé perfect.

A Fun, Fast, YA Romance Read.
Perfect for fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.
(Note: Suggested reading age 16+ for mature language and content.)


What a cute YA. When I got to the end, I was actually sad it was over. I was looking forward to more of an epilogue, or a part 2 to Hannah and Cody’s story. I think Hannah is a different type of female protagonist, because she is way smart. Think of Diana from Say Anything. Valedictorian with no social life and it’s just her and her father. Cody though isn’t really a Loyd Dobler. He has a bad boy persona, but deep down he is all round good kid. He just doesn’t understand the reasons no one believes him. He sacrifice a lot for others, but gets blamed for everything and anything bad.

This has a total Gossip Girls/Gilmore Girls prep school hierarchy thing. The “popular, rich, trust fund kids” verse everyone else.

The story is told from the POV mainly from Hannah, but we do get some little parts from Cody and Harrison.

Hannah is sheltered. Ever since her mother left, she has only had her nerdy father as a friend and confidant. She realizes that going to college and having to talk about her high school experiences isn’t that easy, when she really didn’t have any. She was all around the best student and kept her head down.  She didn’t wanted to be noticed and now at the end of her senior year, that is all she wants.  Her goal is to go to the biggest end of the year party, with the elite of the schools social hierarchy. Problem, she doesn’t know how to infiltrate the social circles. She decides to blackmail one student (a former member of the popular clicks) to aid her in getting into the party.

Hannah is sweet, and smart. She is pretty, but doesn’t know it. When she speak, she talks more as if she is in a meeting or giving a presentation, instead as a regular teenager. She uses big words, and doesn’t think people understand her. She is athletic, because she plays tennis. The best tennis player in the state. However, her overall perceptive in life is, “if I am going to do it, I am going to be the best at it”; and, that is exactly what she does.

Cody’s struggles with the loss of his mother and a horrific experience associated with her. He doesn’t talk about it to anyone and keeps himself closed off, because he doesn’t want people to know the truth. The accident that caused his girlfriend to die is something that is held over his head by everyone. No one knows the true story, well some do, but no one is willing to come forward and confess what really happened.

Cody’s relationship with Hannah is fragile. They have a strong physical connection towards one another, but they don’t completely trust each other. Hannah’s overall goal is to get Harrison and the other popular kids to recognize her. She is determined to fit all of the “so called” high school experiences one would have, into 1 month. She does this so she can write her speech from an honest high school perspective. Cody helps her with achieving some of the stepping-stones of adolescence, but because of the social class differences, and the trust issues he has, Hannah ends up pulling away.

Hannah also becomes deceived. Here is my two cents. GIRLS if your gut tells you something is off, PLEASE LISTEN TO IT! There is a natural instinct all mammals have for life preservation. That gut instinct is to tell you to fight or flight and many times you should flight. Why Hannah doesn’t listen to that, well because she obviously didn’t watch enough scary movies knowing you don’t go into the scare house that seems haunted knowing there is an axe murder lose in the town. (Not at all happens in the story, just pointing out a typical scary movie scenario.

We are left with a Happy Ending.

I was disappointed with the fact that the Climax and the resolution all happen so fast.

I wish there was more. Longer Epilogue, or maybe a second book to it.

I overall rate the story at a 3.5.

It wasn’t horrible, but there was some parts I just all together skipped over and there were other ones, that I wish we had more of.

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Parental advisory: Heavy kissing, drops the F bomb once. Mild swearing, attempted rape, teenage death, active drinking, prescription drug abuse, suicide, sexual conversations, making-out with only undergarments on.

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