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Accidental Cinderella by Emily Evans


A ball…a gown…a pumpkin…and a happily ever…this standalone, contemporary YA romance has them all.

When Ella receives an exciting invitation to attend an exclusive boarding school, she knows she won’t fit it. These kids are elite, wealthy, and driven. She’s ‘average Ella’ on a scholarship…at least, that’s what she wants everyone to believe. A lost shoe…a lost shirt…oh my…When events push her to need a boyfriend, Ella asks hot senior Hale.
His response? “No.”
Yep. That’s her fairytale.
Hale’s driven, and he needs an A on the fall project. He doesn’t need the sweet but average scholarship girl screwing up his grade – not after last year. Tanking science will ruin his entry into a top pre-med program. He’s focused. School. Homework. Rowing. No girl’s going to mess up his plan. Not even one as intriguing as Ella.
These two meet in ashes, sparks fly, and their lives light up.

Once Upon A Time…


Who doesn’t love a twist on a classic? I also love to have some of my favorite stories told with a twist. My top choices are always:  Pride and Prejudice, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. How many times have we watched Hillary Duffy and Chad Michael Murray? They have made so many remakes on Cinderella I am not sure I could list them all. This book takes some of our favorite concepts of the Cinderella story and puts its own spin on it.

What I liked about this book is the similarities of the Cinderella story, but it isn’t plot-point-by-plot-point.

Our main heroine is Ella. She is at a new school that is far away from her Texas home. She doesn’t know anyone, but to her that may be a good thing. She never meet her real father, and her mother passed away. She was left in the care of her Step-father who remarried. Her guarding of contact is her evil Stepmother – at least the woman lives in Texas.

Ella is able to attend the school on scholarship and is uncertain of what that all entails. She is doesn’t want to gain to much attention, so she attempts to stay under the radar with everything. Well that doesn’t really goes as planned. She ends up become chummy with the beautiful Hale. He is the captain of the Rowing team and every girl wants a piece of him, but he doesn’t give anyone the time of day.

When him and Ella end up being partners for their senior project they are thrown into a friendly camaraderie. Ella was physically attracted to Hale, but the more time they spent with one another the more her feelings deepened.

I really enjoy this author, I have read one of her other books, and loved it. So when I found this one on Kindle Unlimited, I had to give it a shot. Once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down. I recommend it for those that like their HEA.



Parental Advisory:

Drinking, Strip Poker, neglectful parents, bullying

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