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Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman


Adorkable (ah-dor-kuh-bul): Descriptive term meaning to be equal parts dorky and adorable. For reference, see Sally Spitz.

Seventeen-year-old Sally Spitz is done with dating. Or at least, she’s done with the horrible blind dates/hookups/sneak attacks her matchmaking bestie, Hooker, sets her up on. There’s only so much one geek girl and Gryffindor supporter can take.

Her solution: she needs a fake boyfriend. And fast.

Enter Becks, soccer phenom, all-around-hottie, and Sally’s best friend practically since birth. When Sally asks Becks to be her F.B.F. (fake boyfriend), Becks is only too happy to be used. He’d do anything for Sal–even if that means giving her PDA lessons in his bedroom, saying she’s “more than pretty,” and expertly kissing her at parties.

The problem: Sally’s been in love with Becks all her life–and he’s completely clueless.

This book features two best friends, one special edition Yoda snuggie, countless beneath-the-ear kisses and begs the question:

Who wants a real boyfriend when faking it is so much more fun?



I am not sure what it is, but I have been in a Young Adult contemporary mood lately. I found this book on Kindle Unlimited, and the title caught my eye. Very cleaver I thought. Now I am not a total nerdy fantasy person. I do love my Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, but I am no trekkie and I have only watched the Harry Potter movies.  This book I basically got majority of the inside jokes and dialogue, but some things were even a little over-my-head for me. Regardless of all that, it is such a sweet book. I loved our female protagonist and her internal dilemma. Her mother and best friend only want to help her, but they may have taken the idea of finding Sally a boyfriend a little too far. Sally is desperate to stop the matchmaking that her mother and best friend are blindly setting her up on. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So the birth of the Fake Boy Friend, aka – the F.B.F – was made.

If you love your cheesy YA stories with girls that have self-doubts about themselves; and, boys that are too-die-for-gorgeous, here is yet another one up your alley.

Best friend turn to each other for everything, so what is wrong with having your best guy friend act like your boyfriend for a month to get you mother and gal pal off your back about dating? Nothing you would think, but there could be a mix of emotions and a little love that is harboring under false illusions.

Beck’s is an athlete and has been playing soccer for years. He is an all-star and is being scouted out by the best soccer programs in the nation. He has offers for full-ride-scholarships across the US, but hasn’t made a choice. Everyone is waiting for him to announce where he is going to go, but he keeps it hush, hush until he is ready to tell everyone.

hp0020-gryffindorshooterb-1-web_1024x1024 Sally is a nerd to the core. She loves wearing her Gryffindor Jersey (a reference from Harry Potter) and she says to people, “Live Long and Prosper” (Star Trek reference). One of her favorite things to wear, around the house, is her snuggie with little yodas all over it (Star Wars Reference). So if you can’t tell just by those few points, she is all about the nerdy stuff of life. She is smart, dorky, and – according to guys at school – beautiful, but with her awkwardness it is hard to get past some of those weird characteristics. Beck’s doesn’t care about any of that. As long as he can hang with his best friend Sally, play soccer, and be himself, he doesn’t care. He will go with Sally to see a movie and be fine with her dressed up as Rogue from X-Men. He actually likes her quirkiness. So pretending to be her F.B.F isn’t that hard for him. He is a natural.4be3630bd7b97904c623ee440443e207


During the F.B.F facade,  Sally’s feelings for Beck have begun to grow a stronger romantically. She enjoys that extra time together and the touchiness that comes with a F.B.F, but she knows it is all an act and soon the curtains will fall and her heart will be in pieces. What is a girl to do?

I  LOVE Sally’s dorkiness in the story.  I think I got about 95% of the references Sally would use. Some I wasn’t sure about, but it doesn’t matter. That is the beauty with this book. It is completely written for those nerdy girls that think loving superheroes and being a trekkie is cool.

Side Note: I will say, in my relationship I am the told dorky nerd; and, to put icing on the cake I married a soccer player. HA. So this story totally spoke to me. I always tell you all, soccer has a soft spot in my heart.

Facts about the story:

  • Sally’s mom and her Best (girl) Friend, Hooker (that is her last name) are in cahoots with each other to get Sally a man.
  • Guys superstitions for their sports are so funny and weird. Not shaving before a game. Soccer and Hockey. Not many woman like a man with facial hair.
  • X-Men, Justice League and the Avengers… Pick a Side.
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Can you love both or do you only have one that you cannot live without?
  • Dressing up to go see a movie can be so much fun. (I did it for Twilight, hehehe).
  • Be careful when using another language, you never know who around you may know what you are truly saying.

So what did I think of this book. Honestly?

I Loved it! 5 Stars.

Some small errors, but the story, the characters, and the overall flow of the book was so enjoyable.

Totally recommend!


And to make it even more amazing, it is on KU!

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