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The Secret of the Sphinx by Samuel Bavli


When Jon, a precocious and adventurous 14-year-old boy, encounters a sphinx on a class trip to the museum, little does he know that his life is about to change forever. Four and half thousand years ago, in ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer captured Neb, the king’s magician, and imprisoned his soul in this sphinx. The sphinx now tells Jon his story and enlists Jon’s help to release Neb’s soul from its stony prison. The sphinx whisks Jon away in the dead of night to ancient Egypt, and Jon is thrown into a world of mystery, sorcery, and adventure.

Jon must overcome his fears, outwit Neb’s enemies, and battle evil forces to discover the identity of the sorcerer who imprisoned Neb’s soul in the stone sphinx, there to remain forever. But when Jon’s plan to uncover the villain unravels and everything seems hopeless, Jon has to find the strength and resolve to vanquish his crafty enemy. Does Jon have what it takes to find the evil sorcerer and uncover the secret that keeps Neb’s soul imprisoned in the sphinx?

Enter the magical world of ancient Egypt in The Secret of the Sphinx.


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Was given an ARC from author for an Honest Review 

Fourteen-year-old Jonathan (a.k.a Jon) doesn’t think he’s that special. But when his World History teacher takes his class to the museum, there is a stone sphinx on display in front of the Egyptian section, and Jon swears he saw it move. After Jon’s returned to the museum several times and been attacked by an evil jackal, the sphinx talks to him and tells him its long-kept secret. Four and a half thousand years ago, the sphinx was a man named Neb, King Djedef-Ra’s vizier. But then he was murdered, and his assassin trapped his soul in the sphinx with magic. To discover a way to break the curse, Neb must find the attacker…and Jon is meant to assist him. After Neb, who has the ability to travel back in time, takes them to Ancient Egypt, an adventure beyond Jon’s wildest dreams ensues. Will he and Neb catch the murderer?
This book is jam-packed with suspense and adventure. It ended on a total cliff-hanger! So does each chapter. I’m very glad it wasn’t published in installments in a magazine like Treasure Island.
My favorite character is Jon. He has the courage to go with Neb, even though he’s given the option to turn back. It’s true that he shouldn’t have sneaked out of school to visit the museum, but his curiousity is what causes the whole story to happen.
The book also has a pretty cool cover.
I would recommend this book for ages 8 onward, reading-level wise. It’s a bit violent, though, so content-wise, it’s more for ages 10 and up.
If you have a Kindle Unlimited account, you can get this book. If not, you can just buy it. It’s only 99 cents through the Kindle bookstore. So get reading!
Parental Advisory: violence and thematic elements

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