4 Hearts · New Adult Contemporary

Safe With You by Sophie Lira


Olivia Simon is starting over in the Big Easy. Her new job as a yoga instructor means she gets to pursue her passion, while giving her the motivation she needs to get back on track. But she’s scared. Really scared. Scared her abusive ex-boyfriend will find her. Scared of all things that go bump in the night… and day. She knows her ex will have a claim on her future happiness unless she can find her own peace. Which starts with Kyle.

Kyle Avery, a former college baseball player on the brink of going pro, is also starting over. His dream since Little League was shattered when a jealous rival went too far in a pre-season game. After a few surgeries, all Kyle is left with are a few rods in his leg, a rebuilt knee, and no idea who he is without baseball. But when he trades center field for a yoga mat, he finds solace in a way he never imagined. Kyle knows there’s something about Olivia. Something he needs to move forward.

But Olivia loves to run, and it’s too soon for her to be playing house. Olivia and Kyle want to invest in each other, but the secrets they’ve kept take a dangerous turn when Olivia’s past returns with a vengeance. Devastated and helpless, Olivia wonders who she can really trust, and Kyle questions if he was ever able to keep her safe.

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Personal Thoughts


How long are you willing to keep a secret? If it is about you maybe a while. What about if it is to keep someone else safe? Secrets can make or break relationships. Oliva knows that. Her brother has been keeping secrets from her for years, and now he doesn’t keep in contact with her. Oliva’s ex-boyfriend kept secrets all the time, and now she is suffering from the consequences. Moving far away from an abusive, manipulating relationship can be difficult enough; but, there is no possible timeline for trying to move on emotionally from the damage said relationship caused. New Orleans was a bright spot and that is what she thought it would be. A fresh new start, where she knew no one. Oliva attempts to pick up the pieces from her fallen life. She has no parents, no family, no money, and is all alone. She is in hiding. Her goal, to not allow her ex to find her and to somehow overcome the mental and emotional scars that are branded on her.Kyle came from a privileged life. Grew up with loving parents and with a skills many young men would covet to obtain. Baseball was easy to him. He loved playing the game. It was engraved into his soul, but when his leg shattered so did his future. One accident took everything he thought he needed in life away. Now he is at a new school, trying to hide from the lime light and prying eyes. He thought he was getting better. It wasn’t until he meet the most striking beauty in line for some good old southern creole that he realized what was missing in his life the whole time.

Kyle and Oliva’s meeting is so awesome. He is her knight in shining armor, but at the same time she is timid and fearful of what she does not know about him. She has a difficult time trusting any male figure. You feel her pain and sadness. Her fear and anxiety. I think the author demonstrated a very real picture of how terrifying it can be for a young woman who is petrified to live. Kyle was the exact person she needed, when she need someone so desperately.


PictureWhen she first meets Kyle, she literal calls him “Captain America” so it only seemed fitting we have the actor as our inspirational image.

Oh Kyle. Our deep and mysterious Kyle. We are unaware at times was exactly happened after his accident, but we come to learn of the scars. He is required to wear a knee brace and suffers from survivor pain at times. Men have a vise, and his was baseball. When that was taken away from him, he literally lost it. His best friend, Cam (who you LOVE) is the rock that he needed. The tough love kind. Oliva brings him full circle. She helps him (without knowing it) overcome his personal demons. He becomes a better man and opens up to Oliva.Oliva’s past comes crashing down around her and Kyle helps her overcome those obstacles – with the help of his BF Cam.  I am looking forward to reading about Cam’s story. He was awesome and Oh, So Sweet. He was the big mocha man, with a heart of gold, and a weak spot for pretty ladies. He came to Oliva’s rescue on more than one occasion. He became a second brother to her.

Oliva creates a new family within New Orleans. It isn’t the typical type, but it is the kind that keeps her safe and helps her with all the trials that come her way.

I give this story 4 stars. I really liked it and think you should read it too. Picture

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