4 Hearts · Adult Contemporary

Dark Fantasy by L.V. Hunter



Can love bloom between the pages of a book? 

When twenty-two-year-old Eva Price finally grows a pair and drops her highschool-sweetheart boyfriend turned jerk, the last thing on her mind is dating; all she wants to do is read her beloved fantasy novels and focus on her internship at the prestigious Vincent and Sons company.

But that’s hard when your boss is Alexander Vincent, the coldly arrogant and sinfully handsome CEO of Vincent and Sons. Every woman in the office wants him. But Alex’s overbearing, cancer-ridden father has other plans – Alex must marry a ‘high class’ girl before he dies in two months, or Alex loses his CEO position. Alex won’t let that happen, not when he’s sacrificed everything to make it to the top; his social life, his dominant sex life, and his happiness.

Fate is an ironic mistress, and Alex is a demanding master.

When Alex accidentally sends his only vice – a fantasy novel he’s been writing – to his intern Eva Price, he lies to keep his identity from her a secret. The timid Eva he sees in the office is nothing like the warm, witty girl who eagerly critiques his chapters with a hawk’s eye. Soon he’s imagining her in his bed, and in his life. With every emailed chapter their attraction to each other grows. But Eva is a normal girl – nowhere near high class enough for his father – and Alex’s time to find a wife is running out.

Will their fantasies bring them together, or force them apart?

Told in alternating viewpoints between Eva and Alexander, this is a standalone romance novel with a lot of angst, sweetness, and spice, suited for the 18+ crowd. If you enjoy slow-burning office romances, this is for you. Enjoy

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PictureWhat I perceive Eva’s character to look like.

Being an intern can be a great experience or can totally suck. Especially if it doesn’t pay you anything. Well for Eva working at an advertising company as an intern was a dream come true. Though when you have student loans to pay back and trying to not rely on anyone for help, life can be a little difficult.

This story is a mix of Beauty and the Beast meets Fifty Shades. It isn’t as graphic or smutty, there is only 2-3 actual sexual scenes.
I really like Eva. She is strong and spunky. She learns from her mistakes. It may take a while, but once it all comes together she is strong and determined to do what is right. She is compassionate to a fault. The dynamic she has with the children and the youth center is touching. She doesn’t come from money or an easy life. She is knows she has to be strong for herself.

One of my Favorite Lines in this story because it is SO TRUE!


“Look, Obviously I’m not telling you to go organic vegan or anything-“
“Good, because I can’t afford to be vegan. Have you seen the price on quinoa? The entire world has lost its freakin’ mind. And all its quinoa, apparently since every time I look at it it’s sold out.”

HAHA, isn’t that great. I have totally felt that way at the store. Anyways…

PictureWhat I perceived Alex’s character to look like.

Alex is so hard headed. He learned to be that way from his adopted father. His goal was to find his younger sister and take care of her. They were separated by his adoption. Abused physical and verbally by the man he was supposed to call dad. Alex grew up with a coldness to anyone that may threaten his ability to be control, since he didn’t have any while he was younger.

He has two vises. One is constant need of control and domination in the bedroom. While the other deep obsession is fantasy novels. He grew up being read fantasy books by his birth mother and he doesn’t want to lose that connection he has with her.
Alex has his issues and they cause problems between Eva and him. Her strength and determination to be independent and not give up is exactly what Alex’s needs in his life. She also brings a sense of peace, while other parts of his daily life only bring on turmoil (and headaches).

There were two things I enjoyed about this book. First that youth center that Eva volunteers at. I love that she wants to help kids and be there for them. She is so good with all the children. Sometimes though I can’t tell if the kids are super young or just act young.
I also enjoy Alex’s dr/therapist. The woman has balls of steel (figuratively). She is tough with him when she needs to be, and compassionate when he is in trouble. She is like our Fairy God Mother in this story. Helping Alex and Eva along in their journey.

Now this book is the author’s debut novel. It is rough and needs editing, but the overall story is great.

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