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Beautiful Girl / Beautiful Boy  by J.L. Hunt

A Poetic, Motivational Children’s Book, Designed To Help Build A Positive Self-Concept & Positive Self-Esteem, In A Colorful, Stirring, Way.
(For Ages 3-8)
A Beautifully Illustrated, Poetic, Children’s Picture Book, Which Is Motivationally, Inspired To Help Build A Positive Self-Concept In Girls…In A Cutesy,
Compelling Way. Girls Rock!
Caught in the trenches of despair….
Is there hope?
Does anyone care?
He takes a journey up to the stars…searching beyond
the sky & clouds afar
On an explorative adventure….in search of mystical treasures buried deep within… & what does he find? You will have to get the book to hear the end!

Personal Thoughts

“Beautiful Boy” and “Beautiful Girl” are two short picture books for young children. They are geared toward different genders, “Beautiful Boy” being meant for boys, and “Beautiful Girl” being meant for girls. But they are both the same in the way that they are supposed to show the reader that they are special in their own way and that they can do great things.

These books are both delightful and encouraging for kids. I would recommend then for ages 2-5. The illustrations are cute, and the poetic rhyme and rhythm are enjoyable for children.

These two books should be compiled into a single volume so that families with both boys and girls will be able to own them both in one book.

I would suggest reading these books to your little children as a bedtime story.
4 hearts out of 5 

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