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Claire (Hart University, #2) by Abigail Strom



It’s sophomore year, and Claire Stone has sworn off romance. She’s just gone through a breakup and she wants some time to find out who she is on her own. The only flaw in her plan is her friend (and hot quarterback) Will McKenna, who’s a walking temptation to forget all about her singlehood pledge.Will has had a thing for Claire since freshman year. Now that they’re both single, he wants more from her than friendship. But Claire doesn’t want to be anyone’s girlfriend right now, and with football season underway,

Will’s got issues of his own to deal with.

When an injury on the field changes everything, Will and Claire are driven apart. But when the two of them end up trapped together in a snowstorm, they’re forced to deal with each other again. Can they confront their feelings

without ruining their friendship?

Or will their friendship turn into something more?sex**


The first book in the Hart University Series is Rikki during the gang’s freshmen year. The second book is about Will and Claire during their sophomore year. There will be four books in the series.Picture

Will is Hart Universities new starting QB. He sat on the bench all last year and this time around he actually gets to play. He wants to standout for one particular person, Claire. Claire is known for two things: first her desire to be a doctor and second her band. She is a musician and loves it. She writes songs all the time and performs at different parties around town. At the beginning of the school year her heart is crushed and takes a vow of celibacy from relationships. She overall goal is to work on herself. She is determined to be comfortable in her own skin and not rely on any man to make her feel better. Problem is when you are super attracted to the star QB, who is also one of the kindest, sweetest guys you have ever meet, it can make you question whether “the vow  for no relationship” is truly worth it?


I love Claire and Will. They each have their own crap (personal struggles they are dealing with) but in the end they realize that the only way they can be together is if they take care of themselves first. I love that. You can’t give yourself fully to someone if you, yourself are broken.

PictureClaire becomes broken in the beginning of the book and we feel for her; but, it isn’t the same remorse I feel for Will. The guy seemed like he had everything going for him, then POW it all ended. He was left with nothing and he thought he had no one to lean on.

Claire and some other friends do an intervention on Will, and that is when the steam between him and her gets becomes smoky! This story has dual POV’s. It has music, poetry, friendship, and sports. What I like is that, this book isn’t about a good girl turning a bad boy good. This is about two good, down-to-earth people that are just seeking to improve themselves, so they can be emotional and mentally healthier. It is so real and raw. I truly enjoyed it.

Totally worth the read!
Real stories with real problems.

Enjoy and let me know what you all think of it. Picture

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