4 Hearts · New Adult Contemporary

The Comeback (Montgomery University #4) by Kathryn Renard


Maddy Cassidy has hit her stride at Montgomery University. She has great friends, stellar grades, and sees no bumps on the road to a drama-free junior year. Classes haven’t even started when sparks fly between her and Elijah Hart, a moody Navy SEAL who’s landed in academia after a devastating battlefield experience. He’s not planning on falling for anyone until Maddy’s looks and brains start to get under his skin. Will someone as beautiful as she is be able to look past his life-changing injury? And will Elijah’s passion for Maddy be able to protect her from an unexpected danger?

**Contains plot-driven descriptive consensual sex**


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The first time I read The Backup, which is book 1 in this series, I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t like the main character that much, but I will not bore you with those details, because you can just read that in my review. I will say that this book was 100% better. Both characters have their flaws, but OMG it was so difficult to put down.  Now this is book 4 in the series and I did not read 2 & 3. Each book can be read as a standalone within the series.First we are reintroduced to Elijah. He is a former navy seal who was injured in battle. Part of his injury is his lower amputated left leg. He was asked to come to Montgomery University as a part-time instructor. He meets sassy and intelligent Maddy, who is not looking for any fling, especially with some hot-shot that thinks ever girl who talks to him is hitting on him.

Character Inspiration for Maddy

She grew up the daughter of a Navy Seal. Maddy knows how the lifestyle goes and is familiar with the ins-and-outs of the military. Injuries don’t faze her, so Elijah’s lack of a limb doesn’t bother her; she is more in awe of the man and the rest of his body.

Character Inspiration for Elijah

These two have strong chemistry and even though there is history between Elijah and Josie, you can feel the strong attraction between Maddy and him. The only problem is Maddy tries to deny it and allows herself to go on a date with someone else. Jealousy, dominance, passion, and obsession are all in the story. Which made it so hard to put down. How about up all night kind of read. That is what happened to me.

Some issues that unfold within the store: There is a stalker after Maddy; and, she struggles with Elijah and Josie’s pass relationship.  Elijah has an ex-fling trying to stake her claim; as well, he has his own emotional and psychological struggles to overcome.

Can he be Maddy’s knight in shining armor?
Or can Maddy show him that he can be her superhero and she can still be a strong independent women?  
Should you read this one?
I think that is a yes.
If you have a soft spot for military men,
smart sassy women, and someone who forms an attraction which evolves into an obsession then you should totally go for it!


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