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The Way He Looks at Me by Juliana Mae


Annie and her family left everything behind and moved over 3,000 miles away to California for her mother to become a musician. When Annie is reunited with an old family friend who is also an up-and-coming musician, she’s far from complaining. Especially when he takes her to her first movie premiere where she meets two of her favorite bands.
Hayden from Vas Happenin’ shows an immediate interest in Annie, and wastes no time in getting Annie’s number. A coincidental run-in at Starbucks leaves Annie with a kiss from Colt from Sons of Jannone.

How will Annie be able to choose between the two? Or will someone else stand in her way?


 This story has a very interesting premise, but I had a really hard time with some of the story line. It is very unrealistic. A girl moves from Pennsylvania moves to Los Angeles. She ends up meeting two of her teen boy-band idols and both guys fall for her. She then has to choose which one she rather be with. Throw in her ex-boyfriend is still calling and texting all the time; and, her family friend has been overly affectionate too.

 I mean there were many things in the story I felt were not true to the setting or the people

  1. First our protagonist lived with her family in a 3 bedroom apartment, which is fine – expensive in LA, but whatever. The main problem I had was, she walked everywhere. I am quite familiar with LA. It is difficult to walk to many places depending on your location. Now if you live near The Grove or closer to the Santa Monica boardwalk, even Westwood I would take because it is college area, but I was just not buying it. She doesn’t even use public transit. If the girl used at least the bus or the metro maybe then I would be more on board.
  2. My other beef. Two super-hot, boy band musicians are infatuated with her? I want to know what the heck? How is that possible? The girl is very strong in her personal spiritual beliefs, so it isn’t like she is sleeping with the guys. She doesn’t even really drink. She is a good girl that goes to church every week and has a promise ring, yet she still has these guys fawning all over her.

To be honest I was waiting for the main character to wake up from the dream she was in, that never happened.

I honestly thought it was a dream of a fan girl obsessed with these two boy bands and Mr. Perfect is just standing there watching. The characters were too flawed and didn’t have anything going for them.

The story is more of a teenage girl day dream, but I guess we all can eat up at those once in a while.
This is a Cliff Hanger, so you are going to want to be prepared. The second book in the series is calling Patton Pending. It is available on Amazon. I would like to read it just to finish the story, but I don’t have high hopes for it.

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