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Unveiling the Sky by Jeannine Allison


Unveiling the Sky
By Jeannine Allison
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Day May 24, 2016


Sometimes there’s no tragic event. No trauma.

Sometimes there’s just sadness. Just numbness.

Sometimes it’s just a depression you can’t understand.When Alara’s depression reaches its pinnacle she’s left feeling broken, vulnerable, and more than a little uneasy about moving forward. And although she’s made it to the other side she discovers that the hardest battle may simply be moving on and accepting the hardship she’s been given. Because by all accounts she should be happy, but she isn’t and she still can’t understand why. So she’s moving forward, but with the weight of her guilt and the constant fear of another episode, is she really living? Or has the fear of another episode become just as crippling as the episode itself?

Then she meets Gabriel, a grieving soul struggling to get past his mother’s death and figure out his future. As he reconciles his past and begins planning his future, it becomes clear that he wants Alara in it. He wants the sarcastic, fearful girl that always seems just a little bit out of reach. But will the girl who’s never been able to see a future give him a chance? And when he discovers her darkness, will he still love her through it?

Will she let him?




 Author gave me a ARC for an honest review. 

I have read a decent chunk of books regarding different emotional, mental, and or physical issues. I am though in complete awe of this book. Not only does it speak the truth, it also can give those that are dealing with the difficulty some hope.This story has everything you need. Alara has been struggling with depression for a few years. After a severe episode the previous year she has been cautious with her social outings.  She has become a home body and doesn’t seek large crowds, nose or attention.  Alara’s is standoffish to those she is unfamiliar with, and doesn’t want to burden any more people in her life with her disorder.  It was heart wrenching to read about her struggles with her self-worth. Every day is a constant battle.  Alara is striving to keep her head up even though everything inside her is shouting at her to shut down.

Then we have Gabe. He is running. Running from his family, running from death, running from everything he once thought he wanted. He came to realize that everything he thought he loved and needed was not making him happy. He left, at the displeasure of his father, and stayed away till he had to return to Arizona. Now he is back. Seek employment and a place to live. Finding it all in one lucky bar. Now he has been accepted into his roommates little group. It is allowing him to start over and find out what he really wants in life. By chance this same group has the beautiful, reserved Alara whom he can’t keep out of his mind.

Gabe and Alara are constantly fighting with their emotions and physical desires. Once they give in its an explosion of chemistry. Alara reveals her depression and is terrified that Gabe will leave her; but what would make it worse is if he expects it. Gabe doesn’t understand why Alara would be depressed. He wants to help her, but doesn’t know how.

This story is just Wow! Alara’s fears are deep and justified. One thing that those with depression and anxiety suffer with is loss. Loss of who they are and not knowing who will stay with them through the tough times. Some people say, just think happy thoughts or you don’t have enough faith that you can be healed. I don’t believe any of these statements and many more. Just like cancer, ALS, or schizophrenia they all have treatments, but some work to help the disorder and some don’t.

I guess this story hits home for me, because I have been suffering with depression for a many years now. I had no idea I even had a problem. Once I found out so many things made since of why I was feeling one way and unable to change it. I loved this story because it is completely accurate of how those with depression see the world. I hope you all read this book. If you don’t suffer with depression you may know someone that does. It is beneficial to educate yourself on the topic so you may be better able to help that person.

This book is a 5 star rating all around!!!!!!!!!PictureI want to hear all about what you think.
Please share and comment on any of my social Medias after you read it.
Once again…MUST READ!Side note: don’t think it is all sad and glum. There is HOT stuff in the book.

I mean it is NA, there has to be.


Jeannine Allison is the author of the upcoming Unveiling series. These new adult romance novels will be interconnected standalones, starting with Unveiling The Sky which will be released in May 2016.
She loves writing and reading — obviously 🙂  — but when she’s not she enjoys playing with her two dogs, watching her favorite YouTube beauty bloggers, drinking coffee, googling new tattoos, and pretty much anything else that allows her to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt.
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