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Bleeding Love (Cut #3) By Kathleen Maree


Bleeding Love
Cut Series #3
By Kathleen Maree
New Adult/Adult Contemporary
Release April 7, 2016

“He let me bleed, just as long as he bled with me.”



**This is not a standalone. This is the FINAL chapter in Penelope’s story**Giving her heart to someone else was never going to be easy. It was going to bleed, but it was worth it for the chance at love.

Finally, she was moving forward and able to envision a brand new future, other than the one she had planned. But when Jay and Penny are torn apart by their worlds, it seems like everyone is out to keep them apart.

Hearts are hurt.

Truths aren’t told.

And when both of their pasts keep trying to make them present – trusts are tested.

Is Penny able to find her happiness with a love that conquers all? Or is it not only her cut that is bleeding love?

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Received a copy from author for an honest review

One thing that has happened with this series is the fact that each book gets better and better. I Thought book 1 was okay, and book 2 was good, but book 3 Awesome! We had are love triangle go through up and downs in this book. We honestly at times were confused and stun by Penny, Jay, and Evan’s choices.I believe in the concept ‘you never know how good you had it till it was gone.’ Well that is true to both men in this store. Each had Penny and lost her at some point. Each trying to win her back. Jay is stuck touring through the United States for 2 months till his contract is up. Penny refuses to follow him around and get stuck in the same situation she was in with Evan. Evan is determined to win penny back regardless of what is going on and who she is with. One of my favorite lines of Evan’s is,

“Do what you need to. Be with him if that’s what you need to do. But know this… I’m going to be here. Waiting. The day you [realize] I’m who you’re meant to be with, I will be here. Ready. And I promise you. I’ll never let you go. Ever. Again.”

“I know what I want Penny. I never thought I would have it in my life and its all I’ve ever wanted. I meant what I said. I’m not giving up. I ‘m going to fight for us. I can’t… (…)… I won’t.” Jay also had a falling apart with Penny and ends up saying this to her.

What I liked about this story was the internal struggle we get from Jay. Penny and him have problems while he is gone and it breaks him. Makes him become the man he never wanted to be. His sister and friends can’t help him. The only person that can do anything is Penny and she isn’t there. To make matters worse his ex-fiancé shows up and has determined to win Jay back.

You think there is multiple outside forces trying to pull Jay away from Penny, but it isn’t. When we discover what is truly going on and who exactly is pulling all the strings it is crazy. It added a great twist to the story.

I am giving his book a 4 hearts.

It had romance, mystery, deception and heartbreak.
If Kathleen has only gotten better with

each book she writes,

I am excited what she has in-store for us next





PictureFrom the earliest age I was a born storyteller. Ask my parents and they will tell you I had a gift for making a simple event seem like an elaborate one. Purposely? No. Innocently? Yes. It was my imaginary world that initially led me to believe I wanted to be an actor. All of that role playing and living in fantasy… it was an obvious direction for me. However, becoming quite uncomfortable with the limelight quickly saw that dream diminish.

Over the years I turned my world of fantasy into stories, and eventually began writing them down. Before I knew it, ‘Cut’ had been completed.



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