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Get Lucky (A YA Anthology) By Ali Dean, Kristen Kehoe, Cassie Mae, Tessa Marie, Kelly Oram, and Ginger Scott 

6 Authors,  6 short stories,
all for lovers of YA contemporary books


A YA anthology
featuring some of today’s
Young Adult authors!

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Doubles Love by Ali Dean 
Mackenzie Bell loves two things: tennis and the Kendrick family. She doesn’t want to be anything like her mother, who hops from one husband to the next. It’s one of many reasons why she’s never dated. The other reason? She’s in love with her best friend’s older brother, Jesse Kendrick.

I love Ali Dean. I have read all her books and she is one of the reasons I preordered this anthology. I will tell you the second reason later. Ali Dean writes Sports YA. Girl power! Females that are learning about themselves and those around them. Mackenzie is bright, spunky, and athletic. She thrives in her sport and depends on her best friend, Emma’s family for support. Especially Emma’s older brother Jesse. I enjoyed this novella. It is a fast read and could have had more meat to it, but for the sake of the book, it was perfect.
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not by Kristen Kehoe 
Kennedy Russo has had it rough. She’s become a pro at being invisible. But when she’s paired up for a 5 week assignment with golden boy, Gage, she starts to realize that anonymity may not always be the best option. Gage is on a mission to make her his friend, but will their tentative friendship bloom into something more?

I have only read one book by Kristen Kehoe and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed this story. We have a good girl that was dealt a crappy hand in life. Gage has a good head on his shoulders and is your typical teenage guy. The story is dual POV and is enjoyable. Gage teaches Kennedy to not always assume the worst in people and try to have an opened mind. I like the positive affect he has on her.
Stroke of Luck by Cassie Ma
Jensen is well on his way to the PGA, if only he could focus. Getting stuck with his best friend as co-counselor at the golf camp will help—Penny’s always been one to push him. But when their alone time turns romantic, Jensen wonders if she’ll just be another distraction.Penny has been attending Golf camp every year since the age of 10. That year she meet Jensen and they have been friends ever since. Even though they only see each other during the camp each year, it is like a day hasn’t passed.  This year they our counselors and are paired up together. They more time they spend with one another the more they realize their attraction for the other.

The story is told from the POV of Penny.  I felt the story had some slow parts. I liked the interaction and connection Jensen and Penny had. I also liked that he was Black and she was White. I am not a big fan of golf, but I understand the concepts. It is for serious players and I think Penny and Jensen each brought balance to the other.


Someone I Used to Know by Tessa Marie  
Charlotte was not looking forward to Spring Break. No technology and a boy she can’t stand. But when she realizes the boy is actually a hot guy now, and wants to hang out with her (!) she cant help but think this break may turn into something pretty awesome. But, is he harboring a secret that will challenge their budding relationship? There was instant chemistry between Hunter and Charlotte. I so want more from this story. What happens after spring break? They live on separate coast. How do they stay in contact? I just would love for the author to continue with this one more. Will she? I don’t know. Hopefully we will find out soon.

16 Kisses by Kelly Oram
All Cassie Caldwell wants for her sixteenth birthday is to finally be kissed. When Cassie’s older brother and his best friend—the lovable, sexy cowboy, Jared—discover her secret, Jared takes it upon himself to make sure her birthday wish comes true.When this story first began I thought I wasn’t going to like it, even though I enjoy Kelly Oram. Why do I doubt her? I should have known better. This story was perfect. It captured Saint Patrick’s Day, with the whole, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” slogan. I enjoyed the dynamic between Cassie and her brother.  They were your typical siblings that bickering and give each other a hard time. Jared was clever and sweet. Your cowboy in Arizona. Totally sounds like it doesn’t work, BUT it did. Some of the situations in the story don’t sound realistic, but it doesn’t matter. It was sweet, and that is all you can ask for.

Four Letter Words by Ginger Scott 
Dakota Wright has been making Jace Padgett look good for years…and she’s tired of it. What started as a favor has turned into a habit—one that she’s justified in her mind because Jace also happens to be six feet of gorgeous hunky quarterback, green eyes and a smile that can swing a girl to the moon. But the last favor she did for him may have finally tipped the scales, and Dakota’s ready to call it quits. One small hiccup—her heart can’t seem to let her. And when Jace starts to share pieces of the real him, Dakota begins to think her heart might just be smarter than her head after all. Ginger Scott is the 2nd reason I purchased this book. I enjoy reading many of Ginger Scott’s novels. I am of HUGE fan, but this one rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t like that Dakota allowed Jace to use her for all those years and never told her why. She was so infatuated with the guy that she couldn’t see the truth that he was using her. I don’t know. I get the “why” and “how” that was told regarding a bad situation and made it okay, but I still don’t have to like it. The only redeeming thing about this novella was what Jace said at the end at the assembly. I am not going to spoil it, but it was the only thing I ended up liking about the guy.


Here is the Order of Best
to not my fave in this anthology…
1) Double Love’s
2) Someone I used to Know
3) She Likes me, She Likes Me Not.
4) 16 Kisses
5) Stroke of Luck
6) Four Letter Words

Is the anthology worth the purchase price?

I will say Yes.
I think the good stories out way the ones I wasn’t a fan of.
So get it, and tell me what you think.

Over all RatingPicture
“Stay Lucky My Friends…”

Disclaimer: This book is no longer available for purchase. Some of the authors have take their individual novella and made it into a separate book. 

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