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Caged Trilogy Book 2
by H.G. Lynch
YA Paranormal Romance



Tilly and Dominic are prisoners of the witches, and Spencer will do anything to rescue them, even as his dreaded wedding day gets nearer. What he doesn’t know is there’s a traitor in their midst, and she’s determined to make him hers.With her eighteenth birthday approaching, Tilly is in serious danger of becoming host to a demon, while Dominic suffers every time she leaves his side.

Time is running out for all of them, and the only way any of them will make it is if they fight.


Beyond the door, rain pelted down from a black, roiling sky. The silver sheets and the darkness were hard to see though, even with night vision. But he dove out into the driving, mad storm.

The rain beat down on him, every drop icy cold, and the wind cut through his clothes to make him shiver. He curled Tilly closer against his body, trying to keep her as warm and dry as possible. Dominic and Desmond ran alongside him, and they skirted around the corner of the house into the long stretch of garden at the back where they’d left the pack destroying demon guards.

The garden was littered with broken, and bloody human corpses, abandoned by their demon masters. The pack was huddled in the trees, some in human form, some still wolves. There were whines and groans, and the stink of wet fur, blood and sulphur hung in the stiller air under the trees. Spencer didn’t stop to check on his pack mates as his eyes scanned the carnage for one person in particular and feeling Tilly’s life slip away with every passing second.”

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