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The Code of Magic by David D. Hammons


There’s a monster in Alex’s backyard. He doesn’t know how it got there, but with his parents refusing to help, Alex must capture it on his own. When he does, a monster hunting Keeper comes to claim it. Alex follows the Keeper to the world of Edin, a preserve for monsters run by magic-wielders. Aboard the Keeper’s airship, and with his giant socket wrench-wielding monster companion, Alex must learn the art of magic if he hopes to stay in this wondrous world. But as he trains with the other children in the fortress of Babili, rumors begin that the Heretic Pharaoh has returned, and Alex’s new home is in danger.”
Reviewed by Syd Jack

After twelve-year-old Alex finds a monster in his backyard, he knows he can’t just leave it there. But with his mother watching TV all day and his stepfather wishing that Alex never existed, he is forced to deal with it himself. When a strange swordsman named Zen takes it through a portal after Alex has captured it, he follows Zen into another world called Edin, where magic is everywhere and monsters are hardly surprising to anyone. Alex remains in Edin and begins to learn the art of magic. But when his new life is interrupted by Akhenaton, an evil pharaoh, and his army, Alex and his fellow magic trainees amass their own army to protect Edin. Can Alex and his recently acquired friends defend Edin from the opposing forces and defeat Akhenaton?This book got off to a bit of a slow start, but once I kept reading, it was very good. Both the fantasy genre and the slightly boring beginning reminded me of Harry Potter, which is now my favorite book series.

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply to this book; the cover is as interesting as the story.

On the other hand, Alex shouldn’t be judged by his cover; his ragged thrift-store-bought clothes and messy black hair don’t exactly paint the picture of a monster-catcher or magic-doer. At the beginning, Alex is just a kid that scavenges for sustenance and lives in a scrappy tree house who’s trying to gather enough courage to stop a mysterious creature from destroying it. But by the end, he’s a hero in another dimension who’s got the bravery to combat a dragon, if necessary. I admire that, despite the fact that he’s got integrity, he refuses to kill anything unless he has to.

This book is a suspenseful and funny page-turner for fans of
C.S Lewis
J.K Rowling
Rick Riordan
and all fantasy-lovers.
An absolute must-read!

Parental Advisory: 
Fantasy action-violence. Mention of drugs and abuse
You may want to read this book with your child or preview it.

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