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Over You (A Mr. Darcy Valentine’s Romance) by H.M Ward & L.G. Castillo 

A contemporary retelling of Pride & Prejudice by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward and L.G. Castillo. Picture

Charming. Sexy. Rich. William Darcy is the triple threat that should make any woman twerk on sight. He’s everything a woman could want—a beautiful billionaire with sad eyes and a crooked smile. Woman try to lick him on sight, he’s that yummy. Well, unless that woman is Beth Bennet. Her panties don’t drop for anyone, unless there’s love, so a guy like Will Darcy doesn’t stand a chance.

Being shoved up the socialite ladder in New York City chafes so Beth goes to college as far away as possible, but when her father gets sick she finds herself right back where she started—stuck together with a bronzed god who hates her.The prideful will fall to ruin.

Their prejudice will be their undoing.

And William Darcy will be the first to fall, Beth is certain of that.

Type: NOVEL   STAND ALONE   NO Cliffhanger 

Not sure if all you have caught on to how girly I am, but I seriously am your typical lover of romance. Just to prove that again, my favorite all time story is Pride and Prejudice from Jane Austen. I did as one of my senior projects in college all about Jane Austen, if that gives you any idea of how much I enjoy her stories. I have read a verity of books that are retellings of Jane Austen’s classic stories and I enjoy many of them. Some are better than others and this one is no exception. My only complaint with this book was IT WAS NOT LONG ENOUGH! I am so sad when it ended. I wanted more. So I am pleading with H.M Ward to write another one! I would have been happy with an Epilogue. Maybe you can write one similar to Emma or Sense and Sensibility. I would game to read that. Anyone else behind me on this request to Ward and Castillo?BUT with that said and ranted about I must say this P&P retellings has moved to one of my top 10 favorites.  First of all I loved how Elizabeth (a.k.a. Beth) is her classic prejudice self. She has it out for Darcy from moment she runs into him. I loved that we don’t have all 5 sisters, we only have Jane, Beth and Mary. Wickham and Bingley are still in it, but instead of Carolina we have just Anne Degatto. H.M Ward and L.G Castillo took out some of the extra characters and kept the prevalent ones that allowed the story to keep its authenticity.

Now this book does have some sexual situations. I want to say, in defense to H.M Ward not all her books have sexual content. If they are her YA stories, they don’t have any. She is true to her characters and story lines. I haven’t read the Ferro series, because honestly I am against buying 10 books that are each only 50 pages for 2.99 a book. I would like to have more of her full length novels. This story is one of those full length standalones. Now if you are a fan of the Ferro characters, then don’t be discouraged because they are in this story. Mentioned and seen, but not have dialogue with our main characters.

       I enjoyed this modern day take on the socialites of New York City.

It is like Gossip Girls meets the Real House Wives.

William Darcy is still his brooding, prideful and stand offish self. Which we all LOVE. One thing that was different and allowed to have a modern twist was Darcy’s lack of keeping his hands off of Beth. Super-Hot. They never have sex, but they get pretty close a few times. Wickham is still his conniving self. While Gwen Darcy (our Georgiana) has her set of issues. Jane and Bingley have their love-to-heartbreak-to-love again. Mrs. Bennett is crazy as ever, but we discover what is truly going on and why she is acting the way she is. Then, there is the poor patriarch of the Bennett’s and his internal and external problems that he is trying to keep hidden from his daughters. So let’s just say your favorite parts and concepts are all here, but in a Large Red Gossip Girls Ribbon!

Is this a read?
HECK YES! Totally loved it.
Most likely going to reread it again this weekend. 

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When I imagined Beth (Elizabeth) this was exactly what I was think of.


Gosh he is SO HOT! He is my Mr. Darcy in ever since of the name.



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