5 Hearts · Young Adult Paranormal

Always Kiss Me Goodnight by Megan Gaudino



All seventeen-year-old Sophia wants is to coast through her junior year. But with her parents obsessed with her Olympic-swimming-hopeful brother, a psychic best friend with a penchant for reading tarot cards, and prophetic dreams that predict her death—that won’t be easy. As her nightmares begin to come true, Sophia finds herself dodging death and longing for the time when getting over her ex-boyfriend was her biggest problem. Until she meets Leo Knight. The mysterious stranger seems determined to keep her alive—and steal her heart. But Leo has a secret that is about to change everything and Sophia is about to learn that sometimes…your number is up.

Personal Thoughts


                    I received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.
Wow! This paranormal was amazing. I loved the concept. We are not dealing with vampires or wolves or witches; they’re not really angels either. It is different and that is why I liked it. 

Sophia has some of the worse luck. It may seem nice to not have your parents around when you are in high school, but that is far from it. Her parents are with her younger brother and helping him succeed with his swimming career. Leaving Sophia to tend to the house, her school and life all by herself. She at least now has a dog (a Great Dane!) to keep her company.

Her heart has been recently broken, by her boyfriend because he cheated on her. It broke Sophia and she is desperate to pick up the pieces of her life that is falling apart. To top it off Sophia has been having weird dreams. She isn’t sure what they are, but her best friend thinks that something is going to happen to her.

That evening, Sophia ALMOST dies. Leo Knight, a tall, handsome, guy saves her. But he wasn’t supposed to. Now Leo is trying to keep Sophia alive and not have the Fates take her.

It is really good. I think Sophia is well rounded for an insecure teenage girl. She forgives too easily, but I think that is because she feels lonely. Leo fills the gap for her.  She can feel the pull she has towards Leo and she doesn’t want to loose that. 

I like Leo. He is your tall and mysterious guy. He is keeping information from Sophia and by the end of the book we still don’t know what the secret is. I was so mad that it ended. I was left with many questions. The author said that this book is part of a trilogy and is hoping to have the 2nd book out this summer. Well let’s cross our fingers.

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