New Adult Contemporary

Next to Me by Allie Everhart


*A Standalone New Adult Contemporary Romance*

After losing her parents and brother in a car crash, Callie dropped out of college and went to live in the small town where her family used to spend the summers. A year later, and struggling to move on, she keeps to herself and wants to be left alone. So she’s not too happy when her new neighbor keeps knocking on her door.

Nash Wheeler, a 25-year-old construction worker from Chicago, inherited the house next to Callie’s and is living there while he renovates it. Outgoing, confident, and never one to back down from a challenge, Nash sets out to get to know his new neighbor, inviting her over for dinner and offering to fix things around her house.

As much as his persistence annoys her, Callie finds herself attracted to the tall, muscular guy next door. And the more time she spends with him, the more she realizes how much they have in common. Like Callie, Nash has experienced loss, but when he opens up to her about it, she’s not willing to do the same. It’s too personal. 

Nash is just her neighbor. Just some guy living there for the summer. But is that really all he is? Or is he the one person who can finally help her move on? 

Personal Thoughts 

I am a fan of Allie Everhart’s books. She wrote the Jade Series and I devoured those. This particular series can be either or. “The Wheeler Brothers Series” can be read as a in order; or, each book CAN be read as a standalone.  So if you decided to start on book 3 (when it comes out) and move backwards, you probably will be fine.

This was the first one of the series and I must say I give it a solid 5 Hearts! It was great from start to finish. Our female protagonist Callie is dealing with the loss of her family. Her mother, step-father and brother died in a car crash leaving her alone. For a year she has lived life as a hermit. She doesn’t go out unless it is to work or the grocery store. Her home has been left exactly the same as the day of the accident. Not having moved one single item.

PictureCallista goes by Callie

​It was so sad to read from Callie’s POV. The difficult time she is going through is heartbreaking. I couldn’t fathom being left with not one single family member. Being alone can be hard on its own, but having to deal with such a large issue as grieving the loss of loved ones can be excruciating. She dropped out of school and is unsure how to live her life.

PictureNash Wheeler! Hot and Swoon Worthy!

Nash is the eldest of 4 boys. His mother walked out on him and his father when he was a baby, and has never known the woman. The person he has called mom all his life passed away three years prior. He works with his father and 3 younger brothers in the family construction company. He comes into inheriting a house from his mother’s father, who passed away. Nash has a desire to understand where he came from and this specific part of his family. He has planned to spend the summer cleaning and renovating his grandfather’s old house. It helps that he is trying to get away from his former fiancé.

The day Nash and Callie meet isn’t a pretty one, there is gunshot sounds and blood. Once you read it, you will get what I mean. Nash meets Callie and immediately feels a protection and desire to get to know her. Even though Callie is determined to keep everyone, including her new smoking hot neighbor, at arm’s length, Nash won’t let her. They form a friendship and a closeness that they both are in desperate need of. Throughout the story we come to see the growth of Nash and Callie overcoming their personal internal and external demons.

Why I liked this story. It was sweet and sad. I loved Nash’s alpha attitude. I sometimes felt that he was overly pushy and that would have pissed me off if I was in Callie’s shoes; but, for Callie it was exactly what she needed. Callie couldn’t see that she was struggling. Her depression and grief was eating her alive.  Having an outside perspective allowed Callie to open her eyes and see the way she has been living her life – which was not really living at all.

I believe that the characters were well developed and rounded. Each grew throughout the chapters and allowed the readers to see how difficult it can be to overcome grief. I loved that Allie gave us introduction to Jake, Bryce and Austin. We get to hear about each of these boys own love stories. The player being tamed; The Bad Boy’s best friend; and the musician heart singing his last chord. Cannot wait. The next one, Jake’s story is coming out in March. Be on the lookout with me. 

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