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Royal Chase by Sariah Wilson



Booking her client, Prince Dante of Monterra, on reality show 
Marry Me is a royal coup for PR agent Lemon Beauchamp. But thanks to a last-minute glitch, Lemon must pretend to be one of the contestants vying to win the playboy prince’s love and then live happily ever after—at least until the publicity tour ends.

Prince Dante agreed to go on the show to find a wife, even though he already has the perfect candidate in mind. She’s smart, funny, sexy, and completely uninterested in wealth and fame. She’s also absolutely determined to keep him at arm’s length.

Even if Lemon weren’t already engaged, she can’t trust a notorious flirt like Dante. So she ignores the lingering looks. Those subtle, thrilling touches. That pulse-quickening kiss. Until suddenly, Lemon isn’t playing for the cameras. She’s lovestruck for real, and just maybe, the man behind the title is the one who’s always been in her heart.…

Personal Thoughts 


              Received an ARC from Netgalley for an Honest Review 

As many of you, my followers, are familiar with I am a hopeless romantic. I love, Love stories. If it has to do with princes and princesses, Austen retelling, or a fairy tale I am probably going to read it and devour it.

I found Royal Chase on Netgalley and it caught my eye right away. I must tell you I didn’t look at the author, just the description. Once I started reading it I realized that some of the characters and conversations that were being referred to seemed similar, so I looked it up.  I realized I read the first one by a fluke last year through Kindle Unlimited, and I really liked it. Each book can be a standalone, but it also can be read as a series. So if you have read Royal Date, then this is the next book about Lemon and Dante. If you have no idea what I am talking about, that is okay, you can totally just jump in on this story and you will be completely fine.

Lemon is the PR representative for Country of Monerta and has signed up the royal prince Dante for reality TV Show Marry Me. It is a show about one eligible bachelor finding love by being introduced to 25 women. Lemon is just helping organize the show and ends up having to take one of the contestants places. Now if this story sounds familiar that is because it is. The Selection by Keria Cass and Choose Us by Caylie Marcoe both have a different take, but still contain a similar plot and or concepts.


The Story & Characters: 
I really liked Lemon. She is strong, independent and focused. Even though she has been hurt by men in the past, she strives to do what she can to be her own person. She doesn’t want to live off her parents money. I can respect that. When I pictured her I saw an image similar to Kelly Pickler. A southern sweet heart and an accent and blond bomb shell.

I was impressed that Dante took the criticism that Lemon gave him and went out to make himself better for her. He was determined to make something of himself, and not ride the royal train of wealth as a career. Lemon didn’t grow up poor, so for her to be determined to have a job and make something of herself proves she is a strong and confident individual.

I have noticed that many times women that are strong with their careers are not always as strong about their love lives and vis versa. Which allows for criticism and hurtful words from others obtain that much more power. That brings us to our villain. Because no fairy tale can be complete without a villain. 

Women can be conniving, vindictive, spiteful, narcissistic, and petty. One in particular female embody all these characteristics within the story. She spiked other contestant’s drinks with a chemical to induce vomiting. She also lied and slept around with other important figures on the show to get what she wanted. She was the perfect villain.

There were so many things that I thought I knew was going to happened and then the author nosedived me in another direction. Totally didn’t see the twist in the end. Great job with that. When you start some books you get a feel of how it probably is going to go; and this book did that for most of it, until near the end. Still ends on a good note, but was super shocked! I see now what the author was doing. Getting us ready for book 3.
Clean book. No swearing, no sexual content. It is super sweet. 

If you are looking for an enjoyable clean modern day fairy tale. This is just for you. 

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