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Piggy Sense!: Save it for a Rainy Day by Reed Moore


Piggy Sense! …. is a fun educational children’s book that will instill in children the basic fundamentals of work ethics, saving money, and spending wisely. Age Level: 4 – 11 Grade Level: P – 5. Parents will love reading this book to their children – Grandparents will love reading this book to their grandchildren, and school teacher’s will love teaching young children about work ethics and sound wisdom for financial success found in this cute children’s book.

Personal Thoughts 

When a young boy receives a penny, he starts to save up all the money he gets for things he needs. The book also includes advice about money management. In the back, a few educational extras are added. 

My own attitude towards the book was indifferent, given the fact that I am outside of the age range it seems to be geared at. However, I did read it to my 4-year-old brother, who seemed to enjoy it to some extent.

The charming illustrations and simple, short verse are appealing and easy to understand for children. 

The book is an excellent resource for parents to teach their kids about money in an engaging way that will hold their attention. I would recommend this book for ages 3-6.

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Safe for all ages

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