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Always For You (Always #1) by Tawdra Kandle


Maureen Evans has had a crush on Smith Harrington since they were in college together. She always knew he didn’t see her as anything more than his best friend—just one of the guys—but that didn’t stop her from weaving sexy fantasies about him. 

Now, after years of maintaining a long-distance friendship, Smith’s moving to Burton, Georgia, Maureen’s hometown, to become her partner at the veterinary clinic. After all this time, she should be able to handle working with him without getting hot and bothered. 

Or maybe not. 

The more determined Maureen is to maintain their just-friends bond, the more Smith seems intent on testing those boundaries. And when flirting crosses the line into something more, it ends in a night neither of them can forget. 

When friendship is no longer enough, there’s always love. 

“Perfect on paper doesn’t always translate to perfect in real life. Reen. Don’t get discouraged. We’ll find you someone else. There’s got to be other single men in Burton.”

Personal Thoughts

                        Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.

Smith and Mureen meet their freshmen year in college. They both harbored secret crushes on the other one throughout all of their 4 years. That entire time they kept themselves safely in the “friends” zone. Now 10 years later, Mureen has bought a house and a vet practice in her hometown in Georgia. She is looking for another veterinarian  to co-own with her. Smith jumps on the opportunity to rekindle their “friendship” and try to start a new life. Their spark of chemistry and love for one another isn’t at all hidden from everyone around them, but Smith and Mureen are stuck only thinking that the other one doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.​


This book is endearing. It is all about 2nd chances and not getting caught up in your own insecurities. I like Mureen because I believe many women can relate to her. Being the eldest of her girlfriends with no boyfriend and or significant other; while, all her friends are married and even have kids, can be difficult. I believe women have a tendency to put themselves down so they don’t get their hopes up. There were so many times in the story that I felt sad for Mureen.  She had everything going for her on paper, but she was lonely. 


​Smith moves down from Boston to work as partners with Mureen. I love this guy, even though he is pretty dense. There is a book (I totally love and lived by while in college) that was later made into a move. “He’s just not that into you.” There is a chapter about saying, he doesn’t want to ruin a friendship with romantic relationship. That is bull! Smith needed to man up in college, but he was too subtle. Smith is not your alpha male. He is your typical good guy with a heart of gold. He doesn’t want to cause anyone pain or discomfort. But he is still a guy though, and they don’t always think before they speak. That was a common problem in the story. I swear that guy put his foot in his mouth more times than not.  

​I felt like Meghan, Mureen’s, friend was the fairy-god-mother in the story. She was helping guide Smith and Mureen towards one another. I am glad that she could see through all the bull crap between the two and get them to open their eyes. Everyone needs a friend like Meghan. 
I wish Mureen and Smith watched this video. Maybe they would have gotten together A LOT Sooner! 

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