5 Hearts

Free Pass by Allie Kincheloe



Two weeks… 

My world flipped upside down with a single text—photographic proof my boyfriend cheated. In a last ditch effort to save our so-called relationship, Austin blurts out the most ridiculous idea—even the score with any guy I choose? 
Austin’s plan is hardly an option … until I stumble into Jake’s path. Now the only possibility I can bring myself to consider is the one man I am forbidden to choose.

One chance… 

Laney is everything I want. Lips that beg to be kissed every time she speaks. Eyes that look straight into my soul. And that ass…
Going after my brother’s girl? Some lines aren’t meant to be crossed—until those lines blur and I get my chance.


This book has so much sibling rivalry it was crazy. Austen and Jake seriously do things to one another, just to push the other one’s buttons. It is sometimes funny to read what they do, but Austen’s choices regarding Jake and Laney are just down right messed up.

​My overall thoughts of the book. It was okay. There were a few things I wasn’t a huge fan of.


First being, Jake had was only physical attraction to Laney for a long time, and has been crushing on her ever since. He doesn’t seem to truly know her personality. Austin knew her better, because he was her boyfriend for 3 years. I am all for crushing on your older-brothers-best-friend books, or your best friend older sibling; but, having a thing for your siblings girlfriend? I don’t know, seems kind of weird to me.

Second issue. Laney was spending all this time with Jake and she was clueless on his feelings. He called her so many terms of endearment. For example; my goddess, love, beautiful. He also said things like, ‘women you drive me crazy.’ Through all these terms and more, she still questioned if he was being truly sincere with her. She had his friends validate his feelings for her, and Jake said it himself. So then why does she make him go through a test just to see if he will “fight” for her? It seemed to me she was playing a game with Jake.
Third. I wanted more. An Epilogue would have been nice, or a future chapter. One more just to satisfy the overall story. It ended and I was like, “wait that is it?” Okay.

Jake and Laney’s chemistry is intense. They can’t keep their hands off one another in private or public. It seemed that no matter where they were or who they were around they were having serious PDA. It was funny how many people had to clear their throats at the two, just to get their attention. That included parents, and grandparents.

My overall rating of the book.
I am giving it 3 hearts.
​ Why?

I didn’t, not like it, but nor did I truly enjoy it.
It was good.
It has dual POV from Jake and Laney.
Which is nice to have both perspectives.

I just wish there was more to their relationship then
​instant physical connection. 

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