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A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket Reviewed by Syd Jack


​Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were orphaned by a terrible fire. After that fire, they are thrust into an onslaught of miserable situations, ranging from being trapped by a group of poisonous mushrooms to steering a sailboat through a leech-infested lake during a hurricane. All the while, they are pursued by Count Olaf, an evil villain who hatches scheme after scheme to steal the fortune that the children’s parents left behind. The Baudelaires are rescued from many a deadly predicament by Violet’s inventing skill, Klaus’ research, and Sunny’s sharp teeth, plus her cooking ability. Can the Baudelaires unravel the many mysteries that surround them, and hopefully finally end their troubles?

Personal Thoughts 

My favorite book in this series was “The Vile Village” because the village’s strict rules reminded me of the Community in “The Giver”. The village even had a Council of Elders, just like in “The Giver”.

My favorite characters were Violet and Klaus. I liked Violet because she is so creative. A few of the many things she invents in the series are: a grappling hook to rescue Sunny from a cage at the top of a tower on Count Olaf’s property, a distress signal to get attention out on a lake while being attacked by leeches, and a lock pick to open Count Olaf’s suitcase and find evidence to expose one of his plots. I liked Klaus because he made me think of my brother, who is always reading astronomy magazines, atlases and whatnot, and Klaus is a researcher.
I couldn’t stop reading these books because there is a cliffhanger at the end of every book, and there are even things you want to know at the end of the series. I would recommend this series because it has so many different characters and places that grab your attention quickly. For example, the vice principal at a boarding school that the Baudelaires attend in one of the books forces all of his students to come to his six-hour and horribly screechy violin concerts every night. If one student skips one concert, he makes him/her buy him a bag of candy and watch him eat it.​

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