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Broken Promises by H.M Ward


A new romance novel by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward about sex, soul mates, and deadly secrets.

When Celebrity Magazine declares rock star Trystan Scott the sexiest man alive, I’m not surprised. How can anyone claim otherwise about those blazing blue eyes, rock-hard abs, dark hair, and a totally lickable dimple?
Before the billionaire playboy rose to stardom, we were friends for a while and lovers for a night. Though that was nearly a decade ago, our connection burns brightly in my memory. We weren’t a one night stand, not to me.
I can admit it–I got played. To him, I was just another conquest. My beautiful best friend is long gone, and I’ve moved on. But when fate forces us to meet face to face, everything I felt for him comes rushing back.
Trystan is crashing and burning fast. The press flock like vultures, waiting for him to kill himself or worse. Either way, his mistakes earn them millions.
One night, one time, one word is all it takes to wash away a decade of reason and regret. One secret threatens to push him six feet under, and, when those beautiful eyes turn to me for help, how can I say no?

 We have been waiting for over two years for this book to come out. I am grateful that H.M Ward told us, why it took so long for her to release this full length novel of the Trystan Scott series.

“I’ve got to tell you that writing this book was really hard. It was tied to a loss a few years ago and writing the book reopened some old wounds. The dedication at the beginning of the book is to Jim, my uncle. He used to say ‘beautiful’ so NYer Brooklyn that it was one of those things that was him”
– H.M Ward Via Facebook Post

 If you are a fan of the series, or if you read this standalone novel for the first time you will come to love the characters of Trystan and Mari (pronounced as Mar-ee).



 The stories present day is about 10 years after high school. We get a few chapters of back story from Maree of what happened in her and Trystan’s relationship. They haven’t seen or spoken to each other in over 9 years. Mari is now an E.R doctor that works with her father. One night Mari gets called into for an emergency at the hospital. When she gets there she see the cameras and news people everywhere. Finding out that some famous person got in a car accident. That famous person being Trystan Scott, who wrapped his million dollar vehicle around a tree. She is told, by her father, to go in and do her job. Well the flood of memories of loss, confusion, questions, and broken promises all come flooding back to her.Now Trystan is back in her life and he is in need of a true friend. He regrets the day he walked away from Mari. He wishes he could turn back time and do it over, but he knows he can’t. She is to him:
“The one that got away;”
“The one he never stopped loving;”
“The girl that he only truly sings for.”

It is has been and always will be Mari. He doesn’t know what he can do to ever win back her love and trust.Mari is engaged and planning a wedding, while helping Trystan and her best friend Kate mourn the death of their mutual friend. Together the three rebuild a friendship and connection that has been lost for some time. Trystan has secrets that Mari uncovers. Mari finally allows herself to accept that she has been stagnant in life ever since Trystan walked away from her and left her with a broken heart.


The story goes through how to mend a broken heart. It is about forgiveness, trust, honesty, and sacrifice.

Mari Jennings


If you read the first part of the series, then you already love this girl. She has her load of baggage due to her parent’s neglect, but she finds joy in life. She is still emotional growing in this story. With Trystan thrown back into her life she has emotions come bubbling to the surface. The same feelings she has been trying to suppresses all these years. Her long time best friend, Kate, has been her rock and the one person she can lean on.

Man this guy can never catch a break. He is harboring a secret from everyone. Once you find out, you will be like “WHAT the F! That sucks!” I mean it is life altering. He has no one. Everyone that has cared about him as a person, and not the rock star, is gone.  When Mari walks back into his life, he finally can breath, but he fears it is to late to mend broken fence that he has already demolished.The connection between our two protagonist is still as strong as ever. We get dual POV throughout the story and are able to finally get the ending all the fans have been waiting for. I am so happy for the way H.M Ward finished the series. It was satisfying. I feel like I can breath now when I think of Mari and Trystan’s story.
I am so glad we have come
full circle with this book.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
5 Hearts! 

I LOVED IT  Will Read and Reread You should Buy IT!

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