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The Backup: A Montgomery University Novel by Kathryn Renard


Josie Savage has lived in the shadow of her football star father since he acknowledged paternity. After winning an academic scholarship to Montgomery University, she’s hoping 3000 miles will be enough to get out from under his controlling thumb. But the school’s incredibly sexy backup quarterback with a shady background is a distraction she doesn’t need. Worse yet, his starting quarterback roommate has his sights set on Josie. Can a famously publicity shy California girl manage to navigate the attraction of two sexy star athletes?


Josie Savage

Runner Rarity

Personal Thoughts 

For as many negative I have for the book there were a few redeeming things about it.
I liked that Josie speaks football jargon. Even though she came from money, she didn’t flaunt it around and try to use it to win people over. She also, exercised and study a lot in the book. That is one thing that gets missed to much in New Adult books. People that are in college need to study and do their homework. How can they have these amazing social lives and not do that. This book was honest about the difficulties that college studying can bring.
Side note: not all, but a chunk of the names in this book at just weird. Runner, Rebel, River. I mean I get there were all a family thing, but common.

Josie’s father is a pro football player name Joey Savage. He didn’t claim her as his own till she was 10 years-old and after that she lived with him till she left for college. There were so many times I wanted to beat that man with a bat over his head. He was so self-absorbed and used Josie as a trophy child. It was infuriating.

The overall story has an interesting premise, I wasn’t a fan of female protagonist nor her male suitors. It was weird because the one guy that you think may actually be good for her, she doesn’t choose.

I didn’t like that Runner and Josie were so physically attached in the beginning of their relationship. It didn’t seem like they allowed their friendship to grow. They were all about, “You are so beautiful”; “You are so hot”; “I love your ass”; etc. Only Josie (at the end) does a whole soap box proclamation about Runner and how amazing he is. Still I had too many beefs with Runner.

Why I do not like Runner:

  1. He has anger issues.
  2. He lusted and sought after another girl which he was dating someone else.
  3. He cheated on his girlfriend. (What I always told my friends growing up, once a cheater always a cheater).
  4. He fell in love with Josie WAY TO FAST! He was professing his love for her, just so he didn’t lose her. Instead of saying, “I love you,” because he wanted too. He was using those 3 little words as a way to keep her. The same way his exgirlfriend did it to him.

The men in the book used either: words, money, sex or power to keep Josie in their inline. When she stands up for herself and doesn’t give into Runner or Mark is when she begins to become her own person.
I am giving it an overall 2 heart rating, because it was Okay, but I probably won’t read it again. 

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