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Stranger in My Arms  by Lisa Kleypas

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A classic tale of sensuous deception and bold new beginnings, from the remarkable New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas

Lady Hawksworth, your husband is not dead . . .”

With these words, Lara’s life is turned upside down. Her unhappy, loveless marriage had ended when the Earl of Hawksworth was lost at sea. But now a man stands before her, virile and powerful, who says he is her missing husband, revealing secrets that only he would know. While this dark-eyed stranger closely resembles the earl, he is as attentive and loving as Hunter was cruel and cold, promising to make Lara his wife once again in every way. With every beat of her heart, she aches to believe that this remarkable man is who he claims to be. But is he truly the rake returned and reformed . . . or is Lara being seduced by a cunning imposter?

Personal Thoughts

I have read my share of Lisa Kleypas… Okay strike that. I have “Listened” to my share of Lisa Kleypas. I have a serious crush on Rosalyn Landor. She is the reader for most of Lisa Kleypas and other Historical Romance author’s audio books. Man, her voice is incredible. I thought for the longest time there was a man and women doing the voices together. She rocks! If you have never listened to a book she read for, you MUST do so.

Moving to the story:

The husband, you dislike and barely tolerated, DIES! A year later he is miraculously found a live, but he is completely different from the brute you married.   Should you rejoice or be fearful?
Laura is a very sheltered young woman. Her husband, Hunter, was not the ideal match for her, regarding personality or physical attraction. They were married because both sets of parents encouraged it. It was a union out of convinces and fertility. Laura ended up despising Hunter. He would come to her room and practically force himself on her. They only had marital relations to obtain off spring. Nothing ever came from it. Hunter continued to intimate company with other women. He even had a mistress that Laura was glad about. The more he was with other women, the less he would come to her bed. She was relieved when he decided to sail away from England and go on an adventure to India. He was gone for 2 years. On the third year there was word that the ship he was on, requed and that there were no survivors.
Flash forward a year later. “Lady Hawksworth, your husband is not dead . . .”
​This isn’t my favorite story of Lisa’s, but it wasn’t my least favorite either. It falls in the middle. Laura was a bit over dramatic regarding things. She was kind-of annoying. One of her redeeming qualities was her determination to help the orphanage.
Regarding Hunter. Well, he is your typical bad-boy persona with a massive soft spot for our leading lady. There is skepticism around those who are close to him whether or not he is the real Lord Hawksworth.  We, as the reader, are not sure if he is the real Hunter or not. There are things that make him seem like he would be and he is just hiding secrets.  Then there are other moments that you are looking at him through Laura’s eyes and are not sure who the heck he is. I will not tell you if he is an imposter or the real Lord Hawksworth, you will have to find out for yourself.

Is it worth the read???
Well it was worth the listen to.
​I am not sure I would have been able to get through the whole thing if I had to read it. 

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