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The Next Great Rock Star!  by Ann Herrick

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When Jason and his friends form a garage band, they call it “No Frills” because they want to keep it real—even when they enter a band contest and pressures to alter their image mount. Then one day, due to a close encounter with lightning, Jason’s life changes in a big way—but is he magically cooler or is it just his perception? 

As he goes from blah to cool, his head swells as he takes his fifteen minutes of fame too seriously. His too-busy mother and fortune-telling grandmother don’t get through to him. Even maybe-more-than-a-friend Layla is ready to give up on Jason, especially when he starts flirting with much-older Mindy. Only a rescued kitten keeps him even remotely grounded. It isn’t until he loses the friendships with the band mates he once counted on that he realizes he has a major problem, and he worries it might be too late to fix it

Personal Thoughts 

Jason Blair wants to be a cool teenager. One day, on the way home from practice with his rock band, No Frills, he gets almost struck by lightning. Later, he realizes that he’s different. He’s “cool” in the way he’s wanted to be. But when No Frills wins a tryout and gets to perform at the mall once a week all summer, and Jason starts to fall for the lead singer of another band, Mindy, he begins to act superior to the rest of his bandmates. Suddenly, he’s losing his relationship with them. The only thing that keeps them together is a rescued kitten named Rhett. Can Jason fix his friendships before they fall apart completely?

This was a very creative story. It had interesting characters, like Jason’s fortune-teller grandmother, who was always wearing colorful mu-mu dresses.
Some main themes of this book were friendship and family, because Jason learned that those things are much more important than fame or fortune.

In those pages, Herrick spins a delightful tale that combines humor with more serious subjects and things that all pre-teens would like to read about: rock bands, secret crushes, and more: all in one volume.

I’d definitely recommend this great book!

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