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Pitching to Win (Over the Fence, Book 1) by Carrie Aarons

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What do you do when the town golden boy, who never noticed you in high school, decides to make a play for your heart?

For Minka Braxton, high school has been anything but easy. After a humiliating scandal sophomore year, she’s avoided the social scene and anything having to do with boys, especially of the popular variety. But with senior year approaching, Minka decides it’s time to take life back into her own hands. That is, until Owen Axel, the type of guy she’s always avoided, decides he wants her in his hands.

Owen Axel is the definition of popular. Good looks, all-star worthy pitching arm and a former pro-athlete father make him Mitchum’s town God. Returning from college for the summer, his plan is simple. Beach, booz, and beautiful girls. But one look at Minka Braxton and he knows what he wants. He just doesn’t count on her not wanting him.

As the summer unfolds, both must decide how much to reveal, how deep they should fall, and what might happen if they strike out.

Personal Thoughts 

A world-wind romance sparks between these two. Minka can’t help, but feel a strong pull towards Owen. The more she fights it the strong her desire for him comes.​

High School can be a cruel place. I think most people either loved high school or loathed it. I was in-different. Some things I liked and other stuff not so much. For Minka, high school was her walking hell. She was an extroverted person. With her dad as the town’s police chief and her mother deceased, she’s been raising herself for most of her life. Minka loves her solitude and reading. Her two best friends, Chloe and Kelsey drag her to a part one night, and many things change for her.

Home from college. Owen has always been at the top of his game on-and-off-the-field. With a “panty-dropping-smile” and money from his parents he can do, say, or have anyone he wants. So when he walks over to beautiful Minka at a party he expects the same, until she opens her mouth and sasses him. From that moment he becomes mesmerized by her and is determined to make her his.

Minka I think is the perfect example of all the crap high school can throw out you.  She was used and thrown away by a boy, then bullied for it. She tries to stay under the radar. I don’t blame her for being skittish around Owen. He’s handsome, built, athletic, and rich, everything she knows will only lead her to heart-break. She not only was intimidated by him she placed him on this unreachable pedestal. Her low self-esteem was her consent road block. Anytime she saw an obstacle she ran and would fall apart. He tried with all his might to make it up to her, but it kept becoming difficult.

Owen, is your typical male jock that has his head-up-his-ass most of the time. I get it, I don’t know WHY we girls/women are turned on by these over confident cocky guys/men. I mean you think we would have realized by now that they will break our hearts most of the time.
This book is dual POV. There are more Minka chapters then Owen’s which is fine. Even though this book has some high school themes and situations, there is more New Adult themes, language, and sexual content. Which is why this book is in the New Adult section.

Honestly, it isn’t a bad book.
I am going to give it 3.5 stars. Didn’t love it, but I is was better than an Okay.

​If you like hot baseball players; cocky boys; nerdy-book girl; here is your next favorite book. Enjoy!

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