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I Love Him, I Love Him Not (Westgate Prep #2)  By Ella Martin


Talia Nicoletti’s life has been turned upside down–and that’s probably an understatement. Her mother goes off on a business trip… and comes back married! Her estranged father wants to be less estranged. And her best friend Jake DeSantos suddenly has a new confidante who Talia doesn’t want to like but kind of does anyway.

Talia has to unravel her tangled up emotions to figure out what she really wants. Does she want to accept her father back in her life? Can she trust her new-stepfather? There’s too much hitting Talia at once, and she’s not ready to deal with any of it. The one person she can always turn to is Jake, and he’s being secretive and isn’t exactly available. And that hurts her more than she thought possible.
Talia hates that she’s jealous of the new girl in Jake’s life, especially since she can’t decide if she loves him … or if she loves him not?



Personal Thoughts

If you were a big fan of Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up, then you are going to truly enjoy Ella Martin’s new book. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one as much because I totally fell in love with Bianca! I honestly thought Talia was crazy. There were things Talia did that I thought were childish or rubbed me the wrong way. I mean she stopped speaking to one of her best friends because of a boy. I had to remember the first book was written from the perspective of Bianca, so I needed to get over that.

So… load-and-behold,  I warmed-up to Talia. Her hard exterior is all an act. If you are not sure whether you should read this one or skip it. I say Read It. It will put a smile on your face, and give your heart a little flutter. 

​If you are worried that Bianca and Tim are not in this one, do not fret. They are. Not as prominent, but their relationship is talked about and still going strong. 

Talia best guy friend, Jake was her Rock (see if you can catch the play on words there); her go to, and her confidant. When Jake began to spend more time with Clover, Talia was suppressing her jealousy. I felt bad for her, because she kept having this internal battle about allowing herself to like him and then keeping her heart at a distance. 

I loved how Jake would leave subtle hints for Talia in getting her to recognize how he really feels. Journeys “Faithfully”; Cheap Trick’s “I want you to want me” and others are classic love songs. Jake constantly changing her ring tones was so funny. As the reader it was not a coincidence that those songs were an expression of love. 

So smart on his part, but Talia was so oblivious. You just wanted to smack her up side her head. 

She didn’t want to lose Jake as a friend or to another girl. To her, he was everything, but that doesn’t mean that she is willing to dive into a relationship. One of her fears was – who would she turn to, if she ever lost him? Right there, my dear, is what they call ‘A Leap of Faith.’

Ring Tones Play List
Journey –


Cheap Trick –

 ”I want you to want me”

Van Halen –

 “You Really Got Me”

Berry White –

 “Can’t get enough of you, baby”

Beatles –

 “I want to hold your Hand”

Man I Love all these SONGS!

On an emotional level, there is a great many things going on at Talia’s house. Her father returns and tries to mend their relationship. Talia is like, NO WAY! With a sudden accident, we see Talia’s wall – she has built to protect herself – begin to chip away. The connection between her and her new stepdad was bitter sweet. I was so glad she was able to find solace with him. 

Ella Martin, I just want to say Thank you. Thank you for taking Real Issues and showing them in both a negative and positive light. I think there are too many bright and happy or dark and sad books. It is difficult to find a happy medium. Well done.

I will be add an interview portion from Ella Martin herself on here soon. So Stay Tuned! 

Parental Info

Divorce, Death of a parent, jealousy, kissing, hand-holding. 
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