5 Hearts · YA Contemporary

Drama Geek by S.M. Dritschilo


Most seventeen year olds don’t have bucket lists. Katie O’Connell does–a Wish List actually. Because she longs to be someone new, the kind of girl you take notice of and remember. Someone who isn’t just a part of the background. 

Unfortunately, Katie has no idea how to make that happen, but her outspoken best friend does: a Junior Year Wish List of goals, starting with earning a role in the senior play, and bookish Katie reluctantly agrees. Now she has barely ten months to meet all five goals that will transform her from a bookworm to a butterfly.

Wish List in hand, Katie draws her motley crew of dramatic friends closer for support to launch her Junior Year with a fresh (somewhat anxious) attitude.

Personal Thoughts 

I came about this book totally by accident. I found it in Barnes and Nobel’s Nook books and I thought the story line sounded cute. So I was like, what the heck. I had Christmas money for eBooks on Nook I needed to burn. Well I was pleasantly surprised. There were many things I liked about it, and there were a few things, not a big fan of. 
Let’s talk about Katie. She has many endearing qualities and is your typical teenage girl. She wants to date boys and get kissed, but is not sure how to go about that. 

With her best friend from years ago moves back into town there is a familiar connection she missed while he was away. 

I enjoyed the dynamic between, Josh and Katie. He calls her Kat for Kit-Kat. It was cute. I thought it was sweet that Katie kept the up with the tree house. It was her sanctuary. 

Liam. Personally poor guy just never had a chance. He was awkward and had no moves. He just was “weird.” 

Overall I give the book a 4 star, because I think the story line is promising and the characters are likable. For the author’s first book It is good. 

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