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Smile By Raina Telgemeier                                           


Personal Thoughts


Smile is a graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier, based on her [the author’s] experiences from late 6th grade to middle 9th. 

Raina wants to be an ordinary kid. But one evening, she has an accident and seriously damages her two front teeth. After that, she has to cope with several surgeries, headgear, an earthquake, teenage romances, and teasing from her so-called “friends”. Can Raina come to like herself for who she is, no matter her appearance? 

I really liked this book. The illustrations were very good. It was pretty funny, and really explained the ups and downs of a female adolescent’s life.

A recurring theme in the book is that you shouldn’t worry about how you look so much that you forget that you are a unique person, with special talents and strengths, and that what really counts is your actions, not your looks.

Raina is a very interesting character. She’s like most ordinary teenagers, but she has to deal with some things that most people don’t. Every person has their own problems.

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