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Cut by Kathleen Maree



There are sometimes those books that you are unsure if it is adult or if it is New Adult. This is one of those books that I wasn’t so sure about. I think it leans more in the Adult area, but the internal turmoil that the female protagonist goes through concludes that it can also be placed in New Adult. So here it is, in New Adult… 
Was given an ARC for an honest review. 


Penelope had it all and lost it all. The love of her life, gone; her job, over. With nowhere else to go she moves in with her friend Rosie and hibernates herself. Depressed and in constant spiral down she is devastated for the loss and heartbreak that she has to deal with. Losing Evan the love of her life was so difficult she wasn’t sure if she could ever overcome it. After months of being nursed slowly back to normalcy Rosie gets Penelope to go out with her.
One night out and everything changes. Penelope meets Jay Ryder. Hot, beautiful, strong, intense, and striking Jay is the leader singer in the American band “The Cray.” Jay is known for living the rocker life. Never seen with the same women twice, he goes day-by-day going through the motions. While on tour, in Sydney, he sees Penelope. In an instant he is drawn to her and has the strongest desire to protect her. After that it is all about trying to obtain her and keep her. 

While Penelope is in for a world-wind rocker life, she can’t help but compare her feelings between Jay and Evan. Who can she trust with her heart? Who will be her rock that she can rely on to be always be truthful with her? 

Personal Thoughts 

I have read a few books that take place in Australia and all of them were decent.  I have grown to understand some of the lingo and jargon that the author’s use. So if you are from the states and are looking for a true Aussie dialogue such as: ‘kerb’ instead of ‘curb’ and ‘arse’ instead of ‘ass’ – this is your book. 

The writing wasn’t bad at all. It was pretty polished, with few over all errors. The word choice was clean. My only negative was the constant elaboration with detail. I like using my imagination for somethings – i.e.: the way a room may look; what type of blonde or brown colored hair they may have; the play-by-play of a morning routine. Some of these things are not in need of extreme detail. I believe readers enjoy thinking what they may about certain places or situations.

If E.L James gave too much detail regarding Christian Grey’s looks (beside his deep grey eyes, firm mouth, dark hair, and built physique) we all may have only thought of one person instead of interpreting our personal Mr. Grey. When I thought of Christian Grey I had someone like Channing Tatum or Charlie Hunnam. Now I think of Jamie Dorman cause of the movie. It is just the way it is. Speaking of FSOG, there were some similarities in the dialogue between Penny and Jay. He says to her a few times, “I am no good, you should stay away from me.” Okay WHO SAYS THAT! Christian and Edward! Agggg Men get a clue, most women like bad boys who push us away. We are glutton-for-punishment. 

I do want to clarify that some people enjoy an extensive amount of detail. I am more a dialogue person. That is what you get when you read a ton of plays when you were younger. Side note; one of my all-time favorite plays “A Doll’s House” and favorite play write Tennessee Williams. Come on… “STELLLLLLAAAAA!”
Moving on… 

The characters: We have two main females: Penelope and her friend Rosie. Penelope aka Penny is staying with Rosie because Evan and Penny broke up. He confessed to cheating on her and that was it. Since then she has been in a deep depression, hibernating at Rosie’s. 

Honestly I felt bad for her, because her entire world revolved around this one guy. Even their jobs were tied together. Note to all women/girls: Don’t work with boyfriend or spouses in an external-environment. Many times it doesn’t work out. So Penny is finally forced to enter the real world because Rosie guilt-trips her to go out. That whole situation was weird. I didn’t understand WHY Rosie let her be depressed for 3 MONTHS! What friend would let you wallow that long? Give the chick some ice cream, watch some horrible chick flicks, and help her find a rebound guy! Seriously!!!! Anyways, it makes since later why Rosie let Penny drag out the heartbreak for so long. And NO I am not going to tell, so stop asking… J 

At the club she meets Jay. Hot and bothered by the delicious-man-eye-candy she tries to stay away from him, but he pursues her. That is where the true story begins. 

Some of my favorite scenes are when Jay takes Penny out to LA. She gets left in her hotel while he goes and does ‘work’ related stuff. Then he does it again the next day. What was the point of flying her all the way out to the United States if you are not going to really spend time with her? The guy need his head examined! No sympathy for the fool. 
She leave the US angry and heartbroken AGAIN! I felt bad for Penny, because how much bad luck could one girl have?

So back home, she finds out the real story of what happened between Evan and the mystery women he slept with, ONCE! Out of every one in this story I actually felt the worse for Evan. He tried to do the right thing at the beginning and it blew up in his face; and then when he tries to redeem himself it may be already too late. You really got to give it to the guy.

One thing I am looking forward too, is the 2nd book. The author gives you a little glimpse of what is going on from Evan’s point-of-view, but don’t fret friends. Jay hasn’t gone anywhere he is determined, as well, to win Penny back. Let the love triangle begin!

So I give this book a 3.5. It is worth the read. Give it a shot. Some of you may like it more than me, and that would be great. Some of you may hate it and that is alright too. Just let me know if you are team Evan or team Jay.  Oh man, I just got it – like team Edward and team Jacob… Crazy


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