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Pixelated by L.S Murphy


Piper Marks has to pick up her life and move to a new school for her senior year because her parents got a divorce and mom remarried. So she is now in the middle of nowhere Iowa, living with dial-up internet, shoddy phone services and not a friend in sight. All she has is her camera. 

Until, she meets Les. With his cowboy boots, jeans, white tight shirt, and ball cap he becomes her knight in shining armor. Their chemistry is undeniable. Piper thought Les would become her friend, but once around their peers he doesn’t even acknowledge her. She hides behind her lens and goes about her depressing-lonely life. 
Piper’s only saving-grace becomes being part of the school’s yearbook staff and the town paper. Taking photos for the yearbook and newspaper allows her to meet new people and make friends. One of her main assignments is to take photos of the Varsity and JV football games. While on the field, she sees Mr. McHottie and they can’t take their eyes off each other. 

They keep trying to stay away from their constant pull towards one another. Les has secrets he isn’t ready to share, which doesn’t work for Piper. She learning that even those close to her keep secrets from her, and she is done believing them. 

Can Piper stay away from Les and find a new life in Iowa; or, will she take a chance at exposing herself and possible have her heart shattered? 


Too many people are not familiar with geography, so here is a map to show you were Iowa is.

Personal Thoughts with Spoliers

I received an ARC for an honest review. Let me tell you, I was so excited to read this book. I really liked Piper. She was young and naive, but at the same time strong and independent. She knew she was nerdy with her photography obsession, but it was a constructive attribute of hers. There were something’s I didn’t see coming; especially, with her parents. 

The male protagonist Les, yeah that is his name, brought a positive balance to the book. I think his mid-western hospitality and gentlemanly ways helped Piper with being more comfortable in the new town. I love the first scene when they meet, because her car gets a flat-tire. Than here comes down the road her knight and shining armor to the rescue. 

TOTALLY WORTH THE READ! The book gave me a “Friday Night Lights” Season 1 vibe. When you read it you will see why. 


The Following contains major 
spoilers STOP here or proceed 

with caution…

When Les kept acting all hot and cold toward Piper, I was getting really irritated with him. How can you just act one way privately and another when you are alone?

The physical attraction between the two was endearing. ‘He touches my hand ever so genital’; ‘Glides his fingers down my arm’; ’embraces me longer than normal.’ I like how Piper and Les weren’t jumping each other’s bones from the beginning. The casual flirting and constant small innocent caresses were perfect for a YA. 

Piper’s relationship with her parents moves like a teeter-totter. She is happy with her dad and unhappy with her mom. Then she is happy with her mom and unhappy with her dad. When Piper’s dad doesn’t call her for a few weeks and then she hears his message I knew she was going to high-tail it to St Louis. I couldn’t believe her dad was sleeping with a sophomore in college. Let us put this in perceptive. Piper is a senior in high school; so, a girl barely a few years older than her was draping around her dad’s condo in just one of his button down shirts. Whole Crap! I thought her dad maybe was in financial trouble, or lost his job and had to start over, or even had a secret family. I couldn’t believe that her mom knew about the infidelity the whole time too. This is when I felt Piper was naïve or just blind. I mean, for a girl that is supposed to be observation of others, she is pretty oblivious to what is going on around her. 

This book had a lot of people keeping secrets i.e: Parents, Les, Cassidy, Josh, Morgan.

One thing that I felt was positive was that the author showed the Lies, most of the time, will blow up in your face. I appreciate that. If Piper’s parents only told her the truth; if Les told Ava what really happened; if Cassidy didn’t go behind Piper’s back… I mean the list goes on. Many of the issues these people had would not have happened if they didn’t lie to one another. Valuable lesson, just avoid lying. 

I really hope the author will continue on with the story. It says it is a stand alone, but L.S Murphy left the ending where she can add more or just leave it. 

ADD more… Here is why?
– Does Piper get into the Art school in NY?
– Does Les stay in Iowa or follow her?
– How are Piper’s relationships with her Dad and Doug? 
– Does Les follow his dream to be a chef? 
– Whatever happens to Ava? Cassidy? Morgan? 
– Does Piper and Les do long distances? Or just give up? 

I will HIGHLY recommend that L.S Murphy should write another book to follow pixelated.

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