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Play with Me / Ryan Hunter (Grover Beach Series 1 & 2) by Anna Katmore


Play with Me: Lisa Matthews has been in love with her best-friend Tony for years. Everyone knows it except Tony. Lisa goes out of her way to make Tony see her as more than just a friend, but in the process she gets her heart captured by the infamous player Ryan Hunter. What does she do, when she thinks one guy is perfect for her, while the other makes her heart race and takes her breath away?  

Ryan Hunter: Tony is one of Ryan’s good friends and soccer teammate. They have been playing together for years. Ryan knows that Lisa Matthews is off limits because she only has eyes for Tony. That doesn’t stop Ryan from dreaming, wishing and waiting for his moment to win her over.  She barely will speak to him because of rumors of him being a player. What Ryan really wants is to be with just Lisa. Now that Tony is interested in someone else, it is Ryan’s chance to convince Lisa there are more fish in the sea; and, that he is the one she can have. 



Why did I  read these book. 
  1st the cute cover!
  2nd It talks about soccer! Yeah for YA sports genre. 
   3rd It was recommended by Goodreads
   4th The first one was FREE!

Personal Thoughts with Spoilers 

These two books are such great reads.  “Play with Me” is all from Lisa point-of-view. It makes me laugh that she is so uncoordinated and unable to play sports. When Ryan tries to help her workout by going on a run with her, she is struggling so much. I just thought “man that would so be mean, huffing and puffing.”
Lisa’s love/infatuation with her best-friend, Tony is not uncommon. Hello, there is an entire group of books out there that are about best friends becoming more then friends. Who says boys and girls cannot be only friends?

Tony seemed like a totally dirt-bag in some parts. Leaving Lisa at the party just so he can get with another girl? What the heck? He also never invited her to go to the parties with him. It takes Ryan inviting her for Lisa to even know about the freakin’ parties. 

The scene with Ryan and Lisa over the game of pool, was priceless. You have no idea what he is thinking until you read “Ryan Hunter.” It gives you a completely different perception on what was going on in his head. I went back and reread Lisa’s POV and had a huge smile on my face.

My favorite scene is when Lisa and Ryan are at the bar and he ends up surprising her with a kiss. Priceless moment and very smooth. Bravo to Ryan. 

For the nitty-gritty info. 

The two books are covering the same time period and many of the same scenes, but from a different perspective. Which makes you love the two books even more. Ryan’s personal thoughts are great. He is clever, fun loving, and easy going. He is totally book-boyfriend material. 

Lisa has self-esteem issues and struggles with understanding her own feelings. I like her journal entries and her confusion. Who else has been in that situation? I know I have. 

Overall, I truly enjoyed these two books. Worth the price and the read. Trust me and just go for it. 

Parental Info

Play with me: Mild swearing, consistent with YA. Discussion of Sex and physical body parts. Bar and party scene with teenage alcohol consumption.  

Ryan Hunter: Active Swearing, a teenage boy’s mind is a dirty place. Talks and thinks about sex, and female body parts. Bar and party scene with teenage alcohol consumption. Fighting: Ryan and Tony get into a physical fight. 

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