4 Hearts · New Adult Contemporary

Deal Breaker by Laura Lee


Devyn Summer’s begins college in University of Oregano. On her first day, her bikes gets chained together with a follow students bike. Riley McIntyre begins UofO his freshman year on a football scholarship.  On the first day of classes he spots the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. The only way he can think of getting a chance to speak with her, is if he chains up his bike to hers “by accident.”

Load-and-behold a friendship arises. For four year Devyn and Riley are best friends. Nothing more.

Right before they graduate and head off into the real world. Devyn ask Riley for a massive favor. He helps her out, but the consequences that occur change their lives forever.

Years later Riley is determined to fix things with Devyn and win her back. Small problem, Devyn’s secrete may break or make the possibility of a relationship.


Best friends that never let anything happen until she ask him to take her virginity. Okay, I get that it is easier to do it with someone you trust and have a solid relationship with, but I wish she let him in earlier. I think is Devyn looked back to her four years in undergrad and realize how much time she wasted not being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Riley that may have saved them a great deal of heartbreak.Oh Riley. You typical horny college guy that wants to bang anything he can. Devyn didn’t deserve the brush off you gave her, but then again he was good at that.

It was quick pace. The first few chapters each talk about monumental things that happened each school year between in their relationship. I think it helped keep you interested and not drag on like some other NA’s do. I like how Devyn isn’t your vain girl. She is beautiful, but has a low self-esteem about herself; which I believe stems from the loss of both of her parents. The dialogue is funny. Devyn and Riley’s banter are classic. I like how there is a lot of sports references without it being a sports novel.  It was a good, fun, quick, easy read.

The author isn’t bad. This is my first book, that I have read by her and was greatly impressed. Some small errors, but most books have something in them.

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