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Exposure (East Park #1)  by Iris Blaire


 Exposure (East Park Book 1)

She’s the sexiest secret at East Park University.
Rylan Willow is the top model for East Park Exposed, the university’s underground and insanely successful erotic magazine.
Her friends know her as Evan Cosette, a biochemistry major with a flawless GPA.
East Park Exposed has kept Evan’s tuition paid. All she has to do is keep up the naïve school-girl disguise when she’s on campus and her secret is safe, her two worlds separate.
Until Dallas.

When the magazine runs a co-ed shoot to broaden readership, Evan’s partner is a gorgeous and disgustingly brilliant grad student. Evan doesn’t know how much of Dallas Whitley she’ll be able to handle, especially when he wants to study with her outside the studio. She promises herself that she can just be friends with Dallas. He has a girlfriend, after all. And Evan needs to focus.
She can’t when the co-ed printing brings sales through the roof.
She can’t when her photographer wants to crank the heat for the next issue.
Every steamy shoot leaves Evan gasping for breath, her true feelings for Dallas clouded by their camera-charade. But the more time she spends with him in the real world, the more she risks someone finding out the truth about her.
She needs to decide.
Who gets Dallas—Rylan, or Evan?

WP IconRylan Willow and Evan Cosette live two very different lives. Rylan Willow is an erotic model for her college magazine EPE. Her provocative, racy, modeling makes her a ton of money. She is every college boys ‘wet dream.’  Evan Cosette, is a quiet, nerdy Biology major that likes to stay under the radar and get into grad school. No one would ever think that these two women were the same person. Evan, lives with her two friends in a duplex home. One side is their living quarters, while the other is a massive studio. Evan doesn’t want people to know this double life she is living. She just wants the money so she can stay out of debt, pay for school and save to go to UC Berkeley for grad school. She was not expecting anything to change the course she made for herself. That was until,she sees Dallas Whitley. He is a guess grad student in the Biology department. He also, ends up getting hired to model for the EPE magazine. He is hired to take couple shots with the gorgeous Rylan Willow.

Dallas and Evan have crazy chemistry on and off the camera. So when their acting out scenes end up blurring the lines of reality, their feelings begin to get in the way. There is one major problem, Dallas has a girlfriend that he lives with. His heart is wavering and Evan refuse to be the other women. I am not sure how I feel about this book. It was alright in the since that the story line is interesting. There were too many unexplained variables.

1) Dallas girlfriend is okay with him modeling in practicly porno images with another girl. Ahhh that just sounds weird already. She was the freaken one that did the application for him.

2) There is no way that NO one recognized Evan as Rylan. I guess it could work, but Evan is no Clark Kent.

3) How did ANY School think that this was okay to have published with the universities approval. I am dumbfounded.

4) Too many errors. Iris Blair needed a better editor.


It was okay. I am not interested in reading the rest of the series. The only reason I read this book, was because I need a New Adult novel that began with the letter ‘E’ for a group alphabet challenge. I guess a person can look way different with and without makeup. Here is an example supermodel Emily Didonato. What do you think? Add some dorky big rim glasses on the left image and maybe no one would know?


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