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Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? by Ella Martin


 Bianca is the Westgate Prep quarterback’s sister—and that’s her only claim to fame. When her friends’ social experiment turns her into the It Girl of the Sopho-more class and she captures the attention of the most popular guy in her grade, though, she’s ecstatic to introduce the world to her first boyfriend. But no one’s ever told her what to do when her friends hate her boyfriend and Prince Charming starts acting like a control-freaky nightmare. It doesn’t help that being around her broth-er’s best friend is making her head all fuzzy, either.

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Bianca, is 15 and a sophomore at a private school. Her brother, Brady is a senior and star quarterback. Brady and his best friend, Tim, watch out for Biana.

Bianca has her few tight-nit friends and is happy with everything. Her friends did a social experiment which end up having Biana become nominated for homecoming court and wins princess for the sophomore class. This brings on  unwanted attention from people, except the cuties guy in her class, Dante. Who not only comes in to sweep her off her feet, but teaches her some valuable lessons about herself. 


Maybe Biana would have been okay with being on her homecoming float if it wasn’t so cold outside and Ferris Bueller was there.


Things that I already loved:

1. It takes place in Southern California. Already a fan. 2. Biana is her name and I love that because it reminds me of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. 

3. The girl is a regular nice person. Nothing overly special. Not killer smart, not killer pretty. Just average.

4. Has a jock for a brother, who thinks he is all that., BUT he still stands up for his sister!Dante is a jerk! I totally get though why Biana dated him for so long. She wanted to feel wanted and liked by someone her age. Biana never had a boyfriend and here comes a guy showing her all this attention that she has never had.

As the reader, you can totally tell Tim had a thing for Biana, but she was so oblivious it hurt. I am surprised that Brady or even Biana’s friends, didn’t say something earlier to to her about Tim. There were so many signs.

One thing I like about this book was the fact that, Biana had to realize what was going on with her and Dante. She wanted to believe the best in people, but once ‘push come to shove’ she saw his true colors. A controlling, abusive guy.

I love Brady and Tim. Brady and Biana’s relationship is so awesome. They are the typical pain in the butt siblings to one another, but at the same time they help one another out.
Tim is AMAZING! Love that guy. He is always so support of and encouraging.

I saw that Ella Martin is going to be making second one. I hope it comes out soon. Well done Ella.

Their Jame Bond 007 movie marathon is so funny.
Parental Info: Mention of sex and drinking. Heavy kissing & making out

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