4 Hearts · New Adult Contemporary

Blue by HJ Bellus



Blue Williams shines no matter the circumstance.
-Prettiest in her hometown
-Most talented cheerleader on her high school squad
-Valedictorian of the senior class
-Prom queen and runner up for Miss Teen Colorado
And the list goes on…

That’s until college, when she finds out nobody recognizes her, and if they do they couldn’t care less. Blending in is something Blue has longed for her entire life. Living in a dorm with a set of new friends is just what she needed to escape her stale life back home. For the first time, she’s seen for her talent and not her name or looks.

Cheer is her number one priority, considering a full-ride scholarship landed her at a prestigious university, and she intends to take advantage of it. A true beauty inside and out, Blue’s heart has always pumped competitive blood.

Until one night changes her forever…the beauty is gone, and all she has left are nasty, ugly memories. The man who saved her has a story of his own, with ninety percent of his body scarred.

What happens when the Beauty falls for the Beast?


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Blue is the only child of two loving parents. She goes to College in Los Angeles, were she becomes lead-cheerleader as a freshman. She falls in love with a Tuck; he is a dark and stand-offish junior year, football player. She is a beauty and he is her beast. Tuck is hiding from the world because of a shameful piece of himself he cannot overcome. Blue, embraces life, until an attack on her life leaves her fearful.


I just finished the book I mean I couldn’t put it down and I started it yesterday. I loved everything about it UNTIL the last 2 CHAPTERS. I seriously couldn’t believe the author did that to us.
I felt like H.J got tired of writing the story and just wanted to finish it up, so disappointing. I had such high hopes for this novel. I have been planning on reading it for some time

We have this huge mystery build up and then when the event occurs, we fast forward and the end of the event with no closure. Then there is the Epilogue. What the Hell.  I mean H.J, seriously did you have to do that to us. I actually think you should have left us hanging and then made a second book.

Thank goodness I didn’t pay for it, I read it through amazon kindle unlimited.

The Following is Spoilers, proceed with caution.  Blue gets attacked while she is running on her evening jog. 1st of all: How sheltered can you be. You live in a city with high crime rate and you go running at night by yourself. She was asking for trouble. 2nd: she has been warned repeatedly by coaches, Tuck, her roommate and other friends that she shouldn’t be going out at night by herself like that. Okay besides Blue having her blond moments of stupidity, (No offense to all my blond friends out their) I really liked the book.

I want to fast-forward to the end.  Blue is getting threatening letters, packages, pictures, etc. from the attacker. The letters say, “I will return to finish the job.” Why doesn’t she report anything? Why does she let it get so far?Besides all this I want to ask H.J. Bellus a few questions?

  1. What happened those 2 months Blue was gone? Will we ever find out? What did her captures do to her?
  2. Why Steve and Stephie? I understand Stephie’s reasons, but how did she get Steve to participate? What do or did they have going on?
  3. How did Blue escape? Where exactly was she? In the woods? How did she get to the shelter?

All the questions are hanging out there in limbo. You gave us too little to work with, in the last chapter. Why?

Rating 4*. I would have given it 5 if she gave us a little more to finish up the novel.


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