4 Hearts · New Adult Contemporary

Stay by Jennifer Sucevic 


Cassidy Jameson is repeating her freshman year of college at a new school and new state. She flunked out and lost her sports scholarship. Now she is starting all over with a clean slate. She is firm to keep her focus ONLY on school. Well that doesn’t pan-out when Cole Matthews, aka Mr. Hottie on the Ice Rink sees her.

Cole meets Cassidy and is determined to win her over, even if it just as a friend. As Cole pursues Cassidy, she is determined to not fall for his charms; but, as their relationship grows, Cassidy wall begins to crumble whenever she is around him. Can Cassidy keep her past hidden from Cole? Can Cole break down Cassidy’s walls to show her he how much he truly cares about her?

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When I started this book I thought it would be a stand-alone, but when I got to the end there were some unanswered questions. Then the author tells us that this will be a series. AAAGGGGG! I was in the mood for just reading and moving on. Now I have to wait for the stupid questions to be answered. Why!!!!! Okay, enough venting, but seriously. Please author’s note from your readers. We beg you to put an indication somewhere in the summary before we purchase it that is will be a series. Or even title the series and then use a subheading. This would help us not be mad by the end of the book that the story just stops!Picture

As you can see I gave the book a 4 star rating. That has become quite common with my new Adult books. I really like most of them. There is nothing wrong with the story as a whole and the characters are developed fine. I was about to give it a 3 star, but I felt that Cassidy did enough growing in the book for me to give it a 4 star.

She meets a boy at a party. He becomes captivated by her and she wants nothing to do with him. The story evolves around them becoming closer as friends then as a couple, while she is struggling to overcome her personal demons.

Okay so enough rambling. The book is about a “girl” who is running away from some transgressions she did the previous year.

She has a tense relationship with her family and has to go to therapy to be able to conquer her anxiety attacks.


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